Digitization: Fewer Errors, More…

How to make the company efficient and competitive to invest in improvements while creating value at lower costs than before?

Efficiency and speed of work procedures can be major competitive advantages. It is mainly provided by digitization and Industry 4.0. Interestingly, process simplification goes hand in hand with sophisticated software solutions, but all that matters is the efficiency of the final process, which is better than ever. At Trace Solutions, they deliver just that, along with a simple and easy to use experience.

Trace BS integrates its solutions into various ERP systems such as Navision, Largo, Pantheon and others. For comprehensive digitization in manufacturing companies, this can be specified on a wide range: from the recording of working hours (Trace.PRESENCE), access control (Trace.Access) to the entry of Trace.MES and Trace.WMS, Trace.BiD and Trace. . “But we need to know that these are solutions for demanding users. Having employees can be a complex solution, which involves setting up payroll data, allowances, overtime, shared shifts, and a host of other things that need to be properly supported,” explains Marjane Kralj, director and co-founder of the company. .

The company allows recording of working hours with the help of dedicated terminals and the use of mobile phones. It is possible to record the geolocation, and it can also be limited to the radio in which the recording is allowed.

Warehouse work has never been well organized

The digitization of work in warehouses has become an urgent matter today. It is hard to imagine digitizing a manufacturing company without WMS (Warehouse Management System). All materials have already been correctly marked at the entrance to the company, and are transferred to production by scanning. Support is provided for in-house logistics in production and integration in mobile industrial robots. A similar story is repeated on the output page. If necessary, electronic exchange of documents with clients can also be provided.

Trace.MES to support production operations

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is used to monitor production and support production processes. Records the start and end of work, the start and end of any downtime, measurements, work control, analytics and document access, and employees can also enter notes.

The position and status of workpieces in the production process (process pending, in process, completed after the work center has been commissioned) can also be determined using UWB RTLS (Real-Time Locating Service) technology.

We must realize that there is always a chance that a problem will arise in a certain part of the process. In this case, the system itself can prevent the employee from engaging in a particular process, which saves many problems. “Last but not least, the consumption of all materials in production is recorded. Products and semi-finished products are also properly labeled so that internal logistics can be provided,” Kralge adds.

In the event of traffic jams, Trace.MES with embedded OPC-UA technology allows the company to receive data automatically – including processing data such as cycles, tolerances, and the like. Also available at the moment are data such as product temperature or weight, relevant and unsuitable parts, etc. With digitization, the savings are obvious and there are much fewer errors in the process.

In addition to data collection, analysis is also important. All the better if it is clearly shown to the user in graphs and in specific numbers. This is made possible by the Trace.BID (Business Intelligence Dashboard) solution.

Trace planning module

“It’s hard to afford planning without digitizing processes. If we don’t have data on where we are at at a given moment, then any planning is really outdated,” says Kralge. Therefore, Trace BS is finalizing the development of the Trace.APP layout module. The goal is for companies to have a good production plan and an overview of the quality of production.

At the same time, there is a portal for customers and suppliers, where suppliers will be able to review orders, and customers will have access to data on inventory items and information about when, for example, something can be delivered. Users can also roam on the cloud infrastructure. All you need in this case is a link and you can actually use their solutions – in this case you are just a cloud tenant. Alternatively, you can take the cloud as a whole by using the server infrastructure for your specific needs as well. The solutions developed by Trace BS can be accessed by users via a computer as well as via a tablet or smartphone. Find out more at www.tracebs.com. (Public relations)

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