Google by blocking apps for …

If you use apps to record a phone conversation, we have bad news, as Google will remove them from the Play Store.

The new Google Play Store policy, which will come into effect, is expected to ban third-party call recording apps from the online store from May 11.

Changes to the Google Play policy that I first noticed /u/NLL-APPS on Reddit mean that it will further restrict developers’ access to the Accessibility APIs.

These can also be used as a workaround to enable remote audio recording, but Google apps in the Play Store will not allow people with disabilities to use the service from May 11. Additionally, in a recent policy change, Google has also removed any confusion about this change.

Many applications allow you to record the audio of a call without the other participant knowing about it. This policy change only affects third-party apps in the Play Store. Many default calling apps, such as Google Phone, Mi Dialer, etc., have call recording feature built in on certain devices. The change will not affect these default calling apps on devices such as Pixel and Xiaomi smartphones.

So this basically means that if you record calls using a pre-installed calling app, you won’t lose functionality. However, if you are using an app you downloaded from the Google Play Store, you may not be able to record calls. However, Google does not say whether existing apps that use this accessibility API will be removed from the Play Store.

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