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In a context marked by the development of financial technology, the crypto economy, and the rise of decentralized finance, Nash 21a company that specializes in coding, marketing and offering new guarantees to rental market participants, integrating them from innovation to the coding ecosystem.

Coding is the process of digital representation of the real origin, making it practical. Nash21 turns a traditional lease into a smart contract, where these passive assets are now gaining value, allowing you to buy and sell contracts, pre-rent, get secured loans, improve processes between participants in the real estate industry, and democratize investments to achieve new goals.

Nash 21 originated in Spain, founded by 4 entrepreneurs: Nicholas Barrillary, Miguel Caballero, Gabriela Roberto Barro and Jesus Perez. Nicholas Barillary Plana, CEO and Co-Founder of Nash21, explains, “With Nash21 technology, a world of new uses and business models opens up. We take the lease and put it into token form. The peculiarity of the process is that it also includes a no-payment guarantee that ensures contracts are guaranteed for each From the owner and holder of the NFT, being a risk-free operation.”

Likewise, it highlights that “our proposal is built on a decentralized model and we want all leases to be smart, with a simple and economical process.”

Once the lease is encoded in NFT format, uses that weren’t there before are enabled, such as:

Possibility to collect daily rent without waiting for the end of the month.
Selling the lease to pay the rent (for example, the owner usually receives 1,000 euros per month for 12 months, and can now pay part or all of the rent at once). Use the lease agreement (NFT) as a means of payment or security for loans.

In addition to talking about new uses that allow smart contracts to be called, a new business model is being created that offers multiple advantages over the traditional model:

  • Greater agility in all operations.
  • A notary number is not necessary as the whole process is done through Blockchain technology.
  • New Lease Facilities: The landlord can use and collect rent on a daily or weekly basis without having to wait until the end of the month through the Nash21 Guarantee Fund. You can sell the lease. Use it as support for applying for a loan; Send the NFT of the contract or lease to a third person anywhere in the world.

Gabriella Roberto Barro, Head of Business and Co-Founder of Nash21 emphasizes, “In short, we allow apartment owners to take leases out of the tray, we value assets that have hitherto been dormant. Through Blockchain technology, Nash21 allows leases to be now transactable. and gaining the possibility to use it like many other financial instruments.

5 keys to knowing Nash 21

Why is it called Nash21?

In honor of John Forbes Nash, mathematician and Nobel Prize winner in economics, who contributed his “Nash equilibrium” hypothesis to game theory. Also, John Nash and his wife worked closely with many cryptocurrency villains.

As for the number 21, it refers to the 21st century and 21,000,000 bitcoins to be issued.

How it works?

The first step is to conduct a study of the profile of the tenant and the owner. Once approved by Nash21, the contract coding process is executed and ensured. Subsequently, contract NFTs can be marketed through Nash21 or any NFT marketplace and/or purchased in FIAT (Euro) and cryptocurrency in a stablecoin, USDT/USDC.

What is a Nash 21 customer profile?

Nash21 has 3 client profiles: landlords and property managers who want to code, secure or sell their leases; tenants who need a rental guarantee; The investor and the buyer of those contracts.

“The real estate industry sees this development with good eyes because it involves new forms of business and getting benefits and the owner – depending on the profile – has a longer learning curve,” they highlight from the company.

How much does it cost to trade with Nash21?

The company charges a premium of 4.5% to mark up and guarantee the lease contracts, i.e. if the tenant does not pay, the fund guarantees the rent to the property owner and to the contract holder in case of termination of the contract. run out.

Can I be a landlord without owning property?

Yes, by converting lease contracts to tokenize, these contracts become NFTs that can be bought and sold freely. On the other hand, for those who own real estate, this means that instead of collecting rent every month, they can decide to collect 12 months today, i.e. they get the cash up front. The landlord also decides how many months he wants to anticipate the rent.

On the other hand, for an investor who wants to get a return similar to the amount of rent, they can do so without having to buy a property (which in most cases means getting a mortgage, paying notarized tax, heritage, etc.). In this case, the buyer of the lease cannot increase the price of the contract, but can resell the contract and even make partitions.

management team

Nicholas Barillary PlanaCo-founder and CEO of Nash21. He holds a degree in Finance from Atlantic International University (USA), specializing in secured vehicle design and a master’s degree in blockchain and decentralized finance. He is also the founder of other companies such as Criptokuántica and Finaer Compañía de Garantias SL.

Michael KnightCo-founder and Chief Protocol Officer (CPO) at Nash21. He is an Industrial Engineer and holds an MBA from IE Business School (1999). He is a promoter of other companies such as, Turin Labs, Redpill Ventures, Reental, Criptokuántica, FITtoken,, among others.

Jesus Perez SanchezCo-founder and CLS (Head of Liquidity Strategy) for Nash21. Computer engineer, with investment and banking experience, specializing in Internet finance development. He is also Director of the Digital Asset Institute DASI, founder of Crypto Plaza, and currently manages Roble Venture Capital. He is also a Professor in the IERB Innovation and Financial Technology Program, and the AFI Fintech & Digital Banking Executive Program. Past President of the Spanish Association of Fintech and Insurtech.

Gabriella Roberto BarroCo-Founder and Chief Business Officer at Nash21. She has a degree in Business Science and PDD IESE Business School. His career spans more than 15 years in the financial industry and in the Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem, where he has advanced his career in marketing, digital transformation, financial technology and innovation. He served as Regional Head of Business Development and Corporate Affairs at and Business Director and Co-Founder of

Alberto G Toribio He is a Nash21 advisor. Specializing in #Crypto and #Web3, he worked as a technology advisor to public bodies, private companies and Blockchain leadership for 4 years at Caixabank. He is the creator of Coinffeine. His experience has led him to collaborate as a consultant with organizations such as the FED in New York, the European Commission in Brussels, the CNMV, and the Bank of Spain.

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