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Today, everyone is assuring that there is no way to transform the industry without digital transformation, and this will be even more important in the future.

Even as consumers, we live in a digital world and constantly expect technology to work in our favour. This is reflected in our life experiences and product expectations. So companies in the industrial sector must constantly invest in development and satisfy employees and potential customers through innovation. The industry is thus increasingly exposed to the changes brought about by digitization. As progress has progressed, the industry has equipped itself with innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, edge computing, and artificial intelligence.

What is digitization? Digitization is the use of digital technologies and digital data to influence how work gets done, to transform the way we communicate and interact with customers, and to create new digital revenue streams.

Why is digitization so important to Industry 4.0?

The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), big data, cloud computing, and similar technologies have all come together. This marked the beginning of the era of smart factories, where human, mechanical and digital combine to create more efficient processes to produce better quality goods at lower costs.

Companies understand the power of big data. Integrate information from multiple digital and automated sources, analyze this data to generate insights, and use that insight to make informed decisions. This phenomenon is known as a physical digital physical loop (PDP).

Tips and tricks to prevent your smartphone from overheating

High temperatures are the silent killer of modern electronics. Overheating smartphones run the risk of performance loss, data loss, damage to electronic components and battery deterioration in the long run.

Today’s smartphones have enough computing power to compare to laptops from a few years ago. But what is even more surprising is that manufacturers have managed to fit this into very small housing. Realizing that temperature can be a big issue, they equip their phones with water-cooling vents, heat-dissipation vents, and coatings that successfully dissipate heat. Despite all their efforts, it can happen any time your smartphone temperature starts up.

This is affected by internal factors such as a faulty cooling system, intensive applications running in the background, and external factors such as high external temperatures, phone condition, and the like.

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