Samsung TVs 2022 are gaining…

In line with its “Going Green” vision, Samsung continues to strive to create more sustainable products.

Samsung Electronics has been the world’s leading TV maker for 16 consecutive years. The company has announced that its 2022 Neo QLED TVs have been certified by the Reducing CO2 Organization. carbon box In recognition of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Carbon Trust is a global climate consulting firm that is accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral future. “Reduced CO2 emissions” certification indicates that the carbon footprint of the product is decreasing from year to year. Using internationally recognized standards, they estimate the amount of greenhouse gases generated throughout a product’s life cycle.

This year, 11 Samsung models were introduced in 2022 TV, including three models New QLED 8K TVthree models New QLED TV 4Ktwo models QLEDtwo models Lifestyle TV and one model Ultra HD Crystal TVIt has been certified to reduce product weight and energy consumption in the application stage.

Samsung has always been committed to not only promoting product innovation, but also designing and implementing environmental sustainability technologies. During the main event of the exhibition CES 2022 he is Jung Hee (JH) HanAnd Vice President, General Manager and President of Samsung Electronic Device eXperience (DX) Present the company’s vision “Together for Tomorrow”, Which can be called in translation Together for the futureHe affirmed the company’s commitment to creating a sustainable future and promoting cooperation as part of the global community to preserve our planet.

As part of this initiative, the Visual Display Business initiative will be used to produce nearly all display products 30 times that of recycled plastic As in 2021. Samsung also revealed its plan to expand the use of recycled materials in all of its mobile and home appliances products by 2025.

In addition, Samsung adopts a variety of sustainable practices to reduce environmental impacts throughout the lifecycle of its products. Social Program “Environmental Packaging” – which allows consumers to recycle TV packaging into versatile pieces of furniture – was upgraded this year with product packaging that uses 90% less ink while removing staples during production.

In 2022, Samsung also expanded it to all TV models SolarCell Remote Control, eliminating wasted batteries with built-in solar cells. In addition, Samsung developed and used a new material made from recycled plastic that was shipped to the oceans. He also used it for the S8’s high-resolution 2022 display, reducing the amount of marine litter and the environmental footprint.

“For 16 years in a row, Samsung, as a market leader, has focused not only on technological developments, but also on innovations in human and environmental technology. He said Samsung will continue to implement many sustainable initiatives and environmentally conscious activities in line with the Going Green vision. Seokwoo Yong, Executive Vice President and Head of Research and Development, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

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