On this computer, Windows XP …

Windows XP quickly became popular with many PC users because it was one step ahead of the competition. It was officially unveiled by Microsoft on October 25, 2001. Immediately after that, Windows XP took over PC users – from individuals to businesses.

As early as April 2014, Microsoft discontinued support for the operating system, which had been in active use for more than a decade. For a long time now, not even the most urgent security fixes are available for it, but Windows XP is still widely admired by computer enthusiasts.

This was also recently reported by a computer enthusiast who installed Windows XP on a computer with an Intel processor with a frequency of only one (1) megahertz. Although Windows XP requires at least a 233MHz processor to install, it still runs on a megahertz processor alone. The system startup speed was adequate.

Windows XP took an amazing three hours to fully boot up on said computer. Although the system is completely useless, this is undoubtedly an exceptional, unprecedented feat. You can watch this amazing achievement in the video posted at https://youtu.be/xyfscz3v7Iw.

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