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Playing games is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. But with enough passion and will, any hobby can be turned into a professional profession.

Many of us grew up playing games. Some of us got started with the SNES console by rebooting classics like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Kart. Still others, I started on the NES or Nintendo 64, where I was introduced to the first shooting games (Duke Nukem, Goldeneye 007 (). Even older people discovered the line of games on the Atari 2600. No matter what device you started playing games on or how many games you play Played by it, all players have an incomprehensible passion for virtual worlds where digital connections and friendships are formed, both with other players from the real world as well as with the characters with whom we explore rich digital worlds.

There are quite a few of you who have nurtured this passion from childhood into adulthood itself. You have invested tens of thousands of hours, played hundreds of games, and discovered countless secrets and an infinite number of breathtaking moments. Have you ever wondered if you will be able to transfer all this knowledge to the professional stages?

Thirty years ago, at the beginning of gaming, it would have been difficult to advise anyone to start a professional gaming journey. Esports events have been very rare, especially on the European scene. Today, the story is completely different. We can thank the esports producers, esports tournament organizers, sponsors who recognized the potential in the new esports industry, and of course the players who encouraged the development of the esports industry, including you.

This is now developing rapidly in Slovenia as well.

Diamant Esports – the first professional e-sports organization in Slovenia

Today you have the opportunity to show your talent and effort on the Slovenian and world stage. You have the opportunity to turn a hobby into a profession. The biggest esports and “streaming” stars (Faker, N0tail, Bugha, Shroud, Ace and Dr DisRespect) started in the same place you live as regular fans of PC games.

The main objective of Diamant Esports is to create a professional environment to train talented and promising esports athletes and provide them with the best possible starting point for achieving the best results in international competitions.

Diamant Esports is more than just a professional esports organization. He also wants to become an example and set standards for e-sports in Slovenia. It is not always about winning, but also about the relationships between players and the attitude towards esports itself. For this purpose, they collaborated with the Electronic Sports Association of Slovenia (EŠZS), whose efforts are focused on regulating e-sports and raising public awareness of the role of e-sports in today’s world, and with counselors and psychologists from the Nora Institute (LOGOUT) integrated treatment programs for competitors.

The organization is currently active in two matches: League of Legends and Valorant. Two completely different games and two completely different sets of players. Turn your single champion Yorick, Kayle, Urgot… into a team player with whom you and Diamant Esports will win international titles.

Brimstone, Killjoy, Jett, Raze… Which dealer have you invested the most hours in? Show your skills and maybe a chance awaits you in the Diamant Esports teams.

For more information, we called T-2 and asked them a few questions. We spoke about Diamant Esports’ work with Tom Bejanovic, Team Esports Manager. We were particularly interested in what such an organization does for Slovenia and what it means for young players.

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