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So far, most people have heard about cryptocurrencies, either positively or negatively. In fact, cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly visible. Bitcoin drove the world crazy in 2009 and ruled independently for several years, until the creation of Ethereum in 2015. It is also worth noting 2017, when a huge number of new coins and tokens were created, which was one of the reasons for the exponential growth of cryptocurrency vision.

Despite the many successes in the crypto field and the emergence of crypto-millionaires, only cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology remain. A survey conducted by the CryptoUnity project, in which 1,080 people participated, showed that as many as 22.2% of respondents do not believe in cryptocurrencies. 35% say cryptocurrency is the future, 15.4% believe in its profitability, and 27.4% admit that they do not know the technology well. So, half of the respondents have a positive opinion about cryptocurrencies and the backed technology, while half of them do not trust the new virtual currency or do not have enough knowledge to form any opinion.

Why all this skepticism and mistrust of blockchain technology? Uncertainty about new technology is perfectly normal. Development is always accompanied by skepticism that eventually dissipates through public use and increased awareness. Cryptocurrencies represent a unique situation, as they are a completely different financial model, which is difficult to understand. There are many foreign terms that can quickly confuse the average user as well as the computer language user: blockchain, cryptocurrency wallets (hot and cold), bull market, bear market, NFT, smart contract, and many more. The terms themselves require some prior knowledge to understand, and above all they often appear in English notation, which further complicates the situation.

Even the knowledge of those who have already embarked on the encryption path may be incomplete or outdated. For example, most of them don’t know the difference between Ethereum and Ethra or what a satoshi is. Or when the user is already familiar with all this, but does not know decentralized exchanges and their benefits.

Unveiling the secrecy around cryptocurrencies is one of the goals of the CryptoUnity project. Slovenian founders want to bring the financial phenomenon closer to users who want to know the future of asset management for a long time, and those who want to start cryptocurrency trading but are not equipped with sufficient knowledge.

What is CryptoUnity?

How did they start the project? Their end product will be an all-in-one mobile application that brings together all the tools and knowledge needed to start managing crypto assets in one place. In order to facilitate development and achieve more tangible results, the project was divided into five closely related parts:

  • CryptoUnity Workshops
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • CryptoUnity e-wallet
  • CryptoUnity NFT Market
  • CryptoUnity Research

CryptoUnity Workshops: It All Starts With Knowledge

Did you enter the crypto world with one foot, but preferred to hold back? why? What distracted you? If the reason is ignorance or a misunderstanding of how cryptocurrencies work, it may be time to give them another chance. What will be different this time? You will now be able to access CryptoUnity workshops to gain all the necessary knowledge about cryptocurrencies. The workshops will be designed as short online courses available on their website www.cryptounity.org. Each course will consist of a video explaining a specific topic, theory and exercises in which you will be able to test your knowledge.

CryptoUnity Decentralized, Centralized and Physical Exchange

The exchange desk is the basis for any type of trading, so CryptoUnity will be available to up to three users:

  • decentralization Exchange cryptocurrencies, most of which are not available on a central exchange, without the intervention of an institution.
  • central The central part of the CryptoUnity app and website. It will contain well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana … and the markets of all proven startup projects from CryptoUnity Research.
  • roving physical exchange, Which will provide a more realistic face-to-face experience with CryptoUnity Advisors. It will contain everything that will be available on the exchange on the app and website.

CryptoUnity e-wallet

When someone wants to start trading, they need a crypto wallet that serves them as a type of bank account. It can be used to store assets and execute transactions. The wallet is locked with a private key that can be considered as the PIN code of a bank card. It’s a good idea to have a hot and cold wallet – one for trading and one for storage.

CryptoUnity- E-Wallet

A hot wallet keeps the private key connected to the Internet, so its main advantage is the fast execution of transactions, which is very important when trading. A cold wallet is primarily intended to store large amounts of cryptocurrencies that the user does not trade on a daily basis. This keeps the private key offline, which makes it more secure but also much slower.

You can find both types of wallets at CryptoUnity, their specialty being the cold wallet, which is secured with three-stage authentication (3FA) – the transaction must be approved with a fingerprint or password, a unique SMS code and a CryptoUnity card. The private key is saved. This significantly reduces the possibility of intrusion and ensures the most secure storage of the user’s cryptocurrency.

CryptoUnity NFT Market: NFTs collection point

Don’t worry about what NFT is and why it is throwing up so much dust in the cryptocurrency market, you will learn directly from CryptoUnity experts. Simply put, these are the irreplaceable tokens that are digital property, and no matter what NFT is and why they are raising so much dust in the cryptocurrency market, you will learn directly from CryptoUnity experts. Simply put, these are the irreplaceable tokens that represent the property of a well-defined digital artwork or anything that has a digital history. In the NFT Marketplace, which will be available both in the app and online, you will browse different types of NFTs, from photos and music to recordings and collectibles.

You will also be able to perpetuate your association with the NFT community by creating and selling your own NFT token, which you will be able to publish on the CryptoUnity Marketplace for a certain number of CUT tokens.


CryptoUnity Research: Getting to know Crypto Startups

One of the best opportunities to invest in cryptocurrency is when the project is still in its infancy. This period is the time of the initial coin offering, or Initial Coin Offering (ICO), when the company starts selling cryptocurrencies. It is in fact a financial model that provides the company with financing through the sale of coins and does not depend on traditional financing with the investment of commercial funds.

When it comes to ICOs, it is important to realize that there is a flood of such projects. How do you identify trusted projects or projects with potential? Users who seriously monitor the ICO market find out exactly what the company offers or the solution it is developing, what is their vision idea, what problem they are trying to solve and the like.

However, to facilitate the work of people, the founders came up with an idea – CryptoUnity Research. Users participating in the survey search for startup projects that they think will be successful. Potential projects are then reviewed by a team of CrpytoUnity analysts, who then publish a list of the top 10 projects. Active users of CryptoUnity Research have the opportunity to continue participating and other ways to earn. Learn more on their website.

CryptoUnity Token (CUT)

In addition to the all-in-one platform, the Slovenian company also generates its own CUT token. It is a benefit token that its owners can donate to others in the community in the research subproject, use to exchange NFT tokens or as a ticket to access courses and lectures.

If the user uses the CUT token when exchanging fiat currency for cryptocurrency (and vice versa), then a much lower commission will be charged than if he or she has exchanged other cryptocurrencies. This is an added incentive for the entire CryptoUnity community to use and get CUT tokens.

All paths lead to the CryptoUnity app

Since the target group is users who are still learning the basics of cryptocurrency and trading them, the design of the application will be adapted to a simple user experience. The founders of the project want the CryptoUnity app to be the only tool you will need to trade cryptocurrency. For this purpose, you will access exchange offices, wallet, research, NFT Marketplace, various workshops and hot and cold wallets through the application, which will require three-stage authentication.

CryptoUnity is an exciting Slovenian crypto project that can encourage many users to learn about cryptocurrency and its accompanying technology. If we intrigued you, visit the website www.cryptounity.org, CUT tokens are currently pre-sale for Slovenian users only.

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