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With its “Socially Responsible Employer” joining certification, CREAplus has confirmed good practices in organizational management, health and safety at work, intergenerational collaboration and reconciliation of work and private life.

Ecphilip Institute awarded CREAplus the Umbrella Certification “Socially Responsible Employer. The certification, based on the guidelines of the international standard for social responsibility ISO 26000, was presented at CREAplus to demonstrate socially responsible quality and management relationships with employees. The “Socially Responsible Employer” certification has been approached in accordance with the employer’s brand strategy, which aims to become a sought-after employer among talents in informatics, information security, mathematics and other sciences that underpin the company’s business.

“Employees are the first and most important stakeholder in the success of our business,” said Mitja Trumbo, CEO of CREAplus. “Certification of a Socially Responsible Employer is certainly an important confirmation for us of the quality of employee relations, which are important to both our current and new employees.”

Urška Kesmič Žveglič, Project Manager “Socially Responsible Employer” at CREAplus

The company decided to be a Socially Responsible Employer Certification in all four areas: organizational management, health and safety at work, intergenerational collaboration and reconciliation of work and private life. They received a comprehensive initial certification of accession based on the introduction of 12 procedures in eight areas of activity.

Due to the peculiarities of the ICT industry and especially the fierce struggle for human resources, CREAplus has carried out a number of activities before obtaining certification, which include the basic conditions for accession certification and the advanced conditions for obtaining three levels of advanced certification.

“We plan to obtain all three levels of our Socially Responsible Employer Comprehensive Advanced Certification in the next three years. “These are the activities that we simply have to do as a desirable employer in the sector of information solutions and services for cybersecurity, digital business and artificial intelligence,” said Urška Kesmič Žveglič, project manager at the company.

All 12 actions in the company have been carefully selected in cooperation with all employees, prioritizing those measures that are most appropriate for the largest number of employees. According to Kesmič Žvegličeva, they wanted to increase the commitment of employees, which is already at a very high level. Gallup’s measure of employee engagement, carried out by CREAplus, showed up to 89.4% of employee engagement.

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