DDR5 memories also for laptops…

There have been rumors on the Internet for some time that Intel has been pressuring motherboard manufacturers to offer only support for DDR5 system memory on motherboards with the Intel 700 system family. These boards will also be compatible with Intel’s 13th generation processors. Here, of course, we are talking about Intel processors codenamed Raptor Lake.

DDR5 system memory, along with DDR5 system memory, will provide much higher performance compared to DDR4 memory. This in turn will provide users with a much better user experience. So it’s no surprise that these things are also gaining ground in laptops. G.Skill has taken DDR5 flash memory to a new level.

G.Skill has developed a DDR5 memory system for laptops, which are equipped with a SO-DIMM socket. These are the system memories of the Ripjaws family, which can be used in both laptops and fully integrated desktop systems. Newcomers offer transfer speeds of up to DDR5-5200 and are available up to 64GB (32GB x 2).

Weaker G.Skill Ripjaws DDR5 system memories are equipped with a DDR5-4800 speed label, 34-34-34-76 times (16GB x 1/16GB x 2). There are also 38-38-38-76 and 40-39-39-76 times for 32GB x1 and 32GB x2 memory. DDR5-5200 speeds provide 38-38 access times. 38-83 and available with 16GB and 16GB x2 capacities.

Of course, G.Skill Ripjaws DDR5 system memory is only for newer laptops with a higher price range. These will be laptops with 12th generation Intel processors and the AMD Ryzen 6000 family, and the first laptops equipped with them will be shown before the summer.

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