ReFi: The Birth of a Trillion Economy…

Signed by Rene Rensberg, co-founder and president of the Silo Foundation

As many of you already know, the Enthusiasm network It was launched to coincide with Earth Day two years ago. It was no accident, but a clear commitment to the importance of designing a financial system aimed at rejuvenating our planet.

From the first draft of protocol De Silo in 2017, the concept of currencies backed by natural capital, inspired by Charles Eisenstein’s philosophy of sacred economyIt was our base. At the time, the idea of ​​designing and issuing digital currencies on the blockchain was sustainable and creating a market blockchain The fluid for normal activity seemed too drastic. When the network was launched, the community started to consider incorporating natural assets, such as rainforests, into the blockchain in a beneficial way. The collective climate enthusiasm (Selo Climatic Group), lanzado el año pasado, nació de esta idea, y hoy es un conjunto de proyectos, organizaciones, asesores y defensores de la Web3 alineados con esta idea, que trabajan para tratar de revertir el cambio climerzos del activites naturalis tray to me heat reserve.

Over the past year, thanks to working alongside some of our great partners, including ToucanAnd carbon flow s mosspioneers in integrating carbon offsets and natural assets in blockchainIt is becoming clear that we will soon be able to realize that grand vision of a rich and renewable financial system based on natural assets.

In my opinion, Earth Day 2022 marks the birth of a new economy: the renewable economy. We’ve been talking about Regenerative Finance (ReFi, or Renewable Finance) for some time now, but today that term is more relevant and forthcoming than ever before.

ReFi, Awakening a Trillion Dollar Economy

Carbon offsets – the tip of the ReFi iceberg – already represents a multibillion dollar market and according to Our expectationsDemand will increase from 1.7 billion tons accumulated over the past 16 years to between 1.1 billion tons and 3.6 billion tons per year by 2050. At current prices, this would amount to billions of dollars. We will definitely see a new type of trillions of dollar assets by adding blockchain applications like NFT also stablecoins de Celo, backed in part by natural capital assets.

The ReFi movement can bring about the profound systemic change needed to not only reverse the climate crisis and restore the health of the planet, but also to dramatically improve the health of our communities and empower people.

in the conference Zeal contact, held recently, brought together some of the entrepreneurs working on developing the foundations and applications of this new renewable economy. It was rewarding in many ways, because it showed us the value of cooperation and that we need to meet frequently and with clear goals. We have to take advantage of outdoor design opportunities and enrich ourselves through collaboration. If you are interested you can join us Discord weekly conference calls And our monthly meeting Konico.

We’ve grown so much in a couple of years, but one thing has stayed the same: The Celo community is made up of the most talented, inspiring, and committed humans I’ve ever met. I am honored to build by your side and I have never felt more optimistic about our community than I do today.

Note: If you are planning to attend EthCC in Paris, feel free to contact us about programming and sponsorship opportunities at Celo Salon.

Renee Rensberg
Co-founder and President of the Silo Foundation

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