An interview with FIFA Champion Sasha…

We did a short interview with Sašo Kavaš, this year’s champion, as well as the FIFA National Video Game Championship in Slovenia last year.

We did a short interview with Sasho Kavash, the FIFA Champion, both this year and last year’s SDP.

Hello Sacho. Let me first congratulate you on winning the National Championship! Can you introduce yourself to us in a few sentences?

Thanks first. My name is Sašo Kavaš and I come from Prlekija near Mala Nedelja. I am a former futsal player, currently working abroad (Graz). In my spare time I spend my time playing video games. Especially FIFA.

You are representing the Sneaky Foxes at the tournament this year. How and when did you start working together? How does a competitively active organization affect the approach to esports?

That’s right, I’m a member of the Sneaky Foxes team, the collaboration started last year. The team encourages our colleague Leon Chardy in tournaments, competitions and shows. They also regularly advertise our successes and are interested in being visible.

When did you start playing games seriously? Besides FIFA, do you play any other video games?

I started playing seriously shortly after I injured my knee in the Futsal Championships. The injury made it impossible for me to play futsal for at least a year, and I found my love of football in other waters. In addition to FIFA, I sometimes chill out with Call of Duty, as FIFA can be very tiring. 😀

Have you ever tried your hand at another popular soccer video game, eFootball?

I’ve also tried other football simulations, but none at the FIFA level, which gets worse every year. Hopefully the next FIFA, which loses its license with the international football organization, will be at least a little better than the previous one.

I won the championship last year. How does this year’s championship performance compare to last year’s performance? Perhaps another word for the main competitors?

It’s true that I won the first championship last year, though thankfully. I think this year’s tournament was more organized than last year. We should thank everyone who made the effort to do this in one way or another. In terms of opponents, I was expecting a derby with a club colleague in the finals, but the group stage ranked us so that we actually met in the semi-finals. We’ve also successfully run the PS4 version I’m on now
Played for the past four months. It was the fact that we played the PS4 version that didn’t exactly help my main competitors, which is why so many people gave up on the National Championship. I would also like to emphasize that I am sorry that the tournament was not held live in Ljubljana. The debate over who plays for who stands out is back. Although we ended up solving this problem in a great way, the players played together in Chat.

What are your desires and ambitions in esports?

I had no ambitions. I only played games to shorten my time. In the end, it so happened that I moved to the competitive level. I’m 29, and this was probably my last year in competition. I’m trying to get back to real football and we’ll see what happens in the future. However, I want young people to succeed and earn some money in the virtual world, and not quarrel about video games, because it is illogical.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to compete at your level?

What I would recommend to anyone who wants to compete at the highest level. Hmm…
Let him watch as many of the best players in the world as possible, I also pick up their ideas, let him train as much as possible and of course be patient. Nothing comes at once, we have to work hard for everything. Leon Šardi, currently the only Slovenian “spectator”, offers a lot of things that help improve the game.

Do we expect you to participate in the competition next year as well?

As I mentioned, I don’t think I will continue to play at the highest level next year, but that could happen. Feedback a little late. hehe. Let’s be surprised.

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