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Digital transformation brings many benefits to the economy, public sector and population, but it also brings challenges.

In order to identify and draw attention to cyber and other technological threats, the Gornjska Regional Development Agency, Kranj Municipality, SRIP PMiS, IPM Digital and partners are organizing a conference on cyber security and challenges of digital service users. On May 10, 2022, Brdo pri Kranju will host experts, politicians and a representative of a world-renowned company. Registration for this event is free and available until May 6, 2022. More information is available at

Data on the frequency of hacker attacks in the world, the extremely high percentage of unauthorized access to data as a result of human error and poor corporate preparedness, are drawing attention to a flaming and very recent topic – cybersecurity. Indeed, innovative technological solutions increase the efficiency of services, reduce negative impacts on the environment and enable a simpler user experience, but the digitization of business and public services also brings many challenges. These are related to user digital literacy and cyber threats, which often stem from geopolitical conflicts.

Therefore, the organizers of the conference will seek answers to the questions of famous experts about whether the threat of cyber-attacks in Slovenia is increasing, how state institutions and civil society are preparing for this, and what about critical infrastructure? Such and similar dilemmas will be presented by exceptional guests on May 10, 2022 between 10 AM and 1 PM in the Splendens Room at the Brdo Pre Krango Convention Center. Welcoming speech from the Chairman of the Gornjska District Council and the Mayor of Kranj Municipality Matjay Rakovic and Director of the Regional Development Agency in Gorenjska, BSC, doo, Kranj, Roca Semenka Followed by introductory words for the professional event. Milan GaborKeynote Speaker, Director Viris, Information Security Expert and Ethical Hacker, will discuss cybersecurity in Slovenia and around the world, Dr. Tilen GorenšekDirector of IPM Digital, results of a survey on cyber security for municipalities and municipal institutions.

At the supervision round table Assistant. the professor. Dr. blush markelj From the School of Security Sciences, University of Maribor, they will offer their views and experiences: mag. Matej ToninMinister of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Iztok PodbregarFaculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, Christmas GorazdSI-CERT Michael NgeeljHead of the Cyber ​​Security Department at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and ICT Coordinator, His Majesty the King – Cyber ​​Security, Milan GaborDirector of Virisin Ratko MutavdicRegional Technology Officer for Central and Eastern Europe, Microsoft.

The guests of honor at the conference are the Minister of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia’s Office for Digital Transformation Mark Boris AndrijanicMinister of Public Administration of Republika Srpska Bostjan Kourtnik Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia and Minister of Defense mag. Matej Tonin. At the end of the event, a summary of the main points of the round table will be presented, which will be the basis of a note, a key document of the conference. This will be followed by an informal meeting of all participants and guests.

Free registration for the conference is possible until May 6 via the website, where the interested public can also get many additional information about the conference.

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