Solid State Factory Where You Can…

SSDs are steadily increasing in popularity, especially among users who need lightning speeds for business tasks. It is also growing among the less demanding users who want their laptop or desktop computer up and running in seconds. This also applies to external drives, since external solid-state drives are more reliable and faster than traditional hard drives.

But at Verbatim, they decided to prepare a drive with memory made of slightly different solid components. This is a motor marked SWOVA128G, and we can write data to it only once. This means that the data is safe from intentional or unintentional deletion or alteration. The novelty offers 128 GB of storage and is equipped with a USB 3.2 Gen1 interface.

Verbatim’s SWOVA128G External Drive is, of course, particularly suitable for industrial environments. In addition, the novelty is also suitable for high-speed computer systems, where the read speed is 540 MB per second and the write speed is 180 MB per second. In addition, the novelty is distinguished by a long service life. The Verbatim SWOVA128G drive provides up to 10 years of operating autonomy.

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