You have complete control over all…

Locking systems are very important in businesses, because they “decide” who can access individual rooms and who can’t. We offer a simple and reliable solution for every business.

Locks or locking systems are more important from a user experience point of view in a company than we are sometimes willing to admit. SALTO is one of the most famous manufacturers of electronic lock systems. With their electronic locks, Salto KS, Keys as a Service, you will have continuous control over who enters through individual doors in the company, and you can also restrict access in time. Thus, a particular user gets access only when he really needs it. SALTO KS locks also allow remote unlocking – from anywhere, at any time.

Comprehensive access control solution

Salto Systems products provide a complete access control solution for your office or office building, no matter what type of door you want to protect. Their advanced locking systems run on batteries, which means you don’t have to destroy the frame with an electric lock and the walls with electric wires. You can open all locks with a contactless card, necklace or even a smartphone. All of them, of course, are connected to a system that allows for infinite functions (tables, history, merges, remote open().

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