AMD with a special processor for …

Game lovers like to spend a lot of money on powerful laptops. So it’s no surprise that processor manufacturers are preparing high-performance products for them. AMD is expected to gain five minutes of fame soon, with a processor built as part of the Dragon Range project.

The new AMD processors are expected to consume up to 55 watts of electrical power at full load. This means that it will be suitable for laptops less than two centimeters thick. Newcomers are supposed to heat up much less during the procedure. The new AMD processors will likely belong to the AMD Ryzen 7000 Series family, which will be based on Zen 4 processor cores and will be available for laptops early next year.

The new AMD processors are expected to consume less power than today’s processors, while providing significantly greater performance. What newcomers will actually achieve in practice, of course, time will tell. The first laptops equipped with it are expected to be available before the summer of next year. We think Intel will respond to this soon as well.

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