Samsung promises amazing…

Technology in the field of smartphones has advanced significantly in the past few years. Phones today are equipped with better digital cameras, have more memory and faster processors. Although they can already compete with PCs in terms of performance, their performance is already declining after a few years, so we have no choice but to sell the old PC and decide to buy a new one. The main reason for this is the memory speed of data storage.

For this reason, Samsung announced the start of production of a new 512GB memory element with eUFS 4.0 interface. This new feature enables exceptional read and write speeds of up to 4200MB/s and 2800MB/s, more than double the speed of the previous eUFS 3.1 standard. The number of operations per second is also higher.

Samsung has equipped the eUFS 4.0 standard or interface with memory elements of up to 1 TB. These will mainly target smartphones and virtual reality devices. The first devices to be equipped with the new eUFS 4.0 memories are expected to be Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 family of smartphones.

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