Meta universe: a chance to grow or…

The meta-universe came into the consciousness of the masses the moment Facebook got a new name: Meta. Since then, we have seen announced and realized investments in this new “space”. Despite the massive amount of media attention, it’s still not entirely clear what the metaverse is.

Is it something that has already been seen or is it completely new? Will this be something we will adopt soon or will it end up in the rest of history like countless other technologies – from 3D TV and beyond? Is it just an innocent fashion fad or a dangerous move that will only exacerbate social networking problems?

The commercial, technological and social aspects of Beyond Space will be highlighted at the stage of the 31st Slovenian Advertising Festival Benjamin Rancicdirector of consumer experience at Renderspace, Matthew Klangsicco-founder and director of product development at Celtra, Dr. Tamara Bavasovich Trostsociologist, in Nina Tennhofer, director of digital communications at Herman & Partners. Will connect the round table Buyan Amona sociologist and political scientist, author and columnist for the Marketing Journal.

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