Urovo, a leading mobile phone brand…

Meet the new brand of mobile devices Urovo, which provides reliability and efficiency for everyday work in the field, warehouses, airports and stores.

sWith 200,000 devices delivered annually, Urovo is one of the fastest growing companies in the production of AIDC devices. They have expanded their portfolio by taking Gainsha, the manufacturer of label printers, under their wing.

Mobile terminals for work and payments

Urovo offers mobile devices, including tablets, handheld devices, wearables with switches, and dedicated POS and terminals. In the mobile terminal category, the two best-selling models are the DT50 and DT40, among the RFID readers. DT50 (UHF), RFDT50 and in the portable and wearable category, the Urovo R70.

Large selection of label printers

Urovo offers a wide range of label printers – from portable and desktop models to industrial models. Label printers come with a free Windows driver (Bartender) that is compatible with the most commonly used printer languages.

Research and development of finished products

Urovo continues to invest in research and development to complement products with more modern technology, taking into account customer feedback and understanding the needs and work of different industries and industries.

Urovo Enterprise Enabler

Urovo has developed a rich set of applications and software tools to help customers manage the entire lifecycle of their devices. These tools and platforms help companies manage installation, utilization, and development by helping reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Official support and service in Slovenia

Even the best hardware needs software installation, battery replacement, maintenance, and the occasional repair, whether it’s under warranty or out of warranty. Info-kod offers you service and support for the Urovo brand at the branch office in Ljubljana, and they have spare parts in stock at the Info-kod group level in Zagreb.

For more information about the Urovo brand and the products it offers, contact Info-kod.

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