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While the coronavirus has pushed many industries to the brink of collapse, in others it has reached years of slow development in just a few months. Who ordered food online before March 2020?

There is no doubt that there is more to this day, and the multi-day waiting lists at the start of the pandemic showed that change in consumer habits is promising.

And if anywhere, we have seen changes in stores – business units (despite their brilliance and attractiveness) have become inaccessible and useless. Practically overnight, purchases moved online and anyone who hadn’t moved their offer there (or had already) lost the battle for customer attention in an instant.

Online stores have many benefits

Accessibility anywhere and anytime

Not only in times of epidemics, but also because of the different purchases of customers. However, it is important that we are available to them with a view when they decide the time is right – this is of course not always between 8am and 4pm. Wouldn’t it be ideal if customers were always available? Online stores make this possible.

Statistics show that most online purchases are made between 8pm and 9pm (the most popular days are Mondays and Thursdays).

No space restrictions

Supply in most stores increases over time, which also requires more space – which can run out quickly. Online stores have no restrictions, you can add an unlimited number of products, regardless of whether you have space for them on the shelves.

But another type of space also plays a role – people are (increasingly) reluctant to stay in the crowd, reluctant to queue and look for parking spaces. If we can save time moving this store, so much the better.

Better customer review

In the actual store, the owner does not have a good idea of ​​who crossed the threshold and what he saw. This is different on the web – in addition to general analytics (most visited products, pages the customer visited before buying), it also sees customer demographics and the entire history of purchases – no special loyalty cards, etc. Thus, the online store is not only a channel for existing customers, but also opens the way for new customers.

However, since we know that it is much easier to sell to existing customers (compared to acquiring new ones), it is also necessary to collect customer contact information. This way, the store owner has the opportunity to contact him at any time in the future with a new offer, or to remind him of an incomplete purchase.

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