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Many people are increasingly annoyed that robotic vacuum cleaners get tangled up in cables, push small objects in front of them, and if we have a pet, they accidentally stain their poop. good news. Not everyone is like that.

IRobot Roomba j7 perceives the surroundings almost as we see them! What is the secret of his eyesight and, last but not least, his extraordinary intelligence, I will reveal to you below.

We are witnessing the very rapid development of robotic vacuum cleaners. It wasn’t long before they moved around the room randomly. Some still have one. Why not, if you are happy with its effectiveness. But it is better if they know how to absorb systematically. Along parallel lanes, space after space. why? Because it is better, faster and because it can always return to the station to recharge the battery or in the case of a self-cleaning function to empty the container. Therefore, most modern navigation models use a rear-facing tilting camera, which, by the way, is not seen in the visible spectrum. The installation there obviously does not detect events directly in front of the bot. It is sufficient for very accurate guidance, but not enough to detect and identify objects lying carelessly on the road. For something like this, there should be a camera in the front. Where is the Roomba j7+. However, for the robot to work even in low light and darkness, it has a light just above the camera. It illuminates the path ahead of you, but more than that, it is useful for recognizing objects and photographing strangers. You may find it strange, but in combination with intelligence or artificial intelligence, this is the basis for a completely different perception of the environment in which you live.

Identifying things for the robot is not trivial

Creating a system that can recognize something and respond appropriately to it is not easy. The guy looks up and knows exactly what trash and what Lego cube is in there since the last time kids played on the living room floor. We are taller than the robot and look down. This looks as if you are lying down with your head resting close to the floor. We will still be better able to recognize our surroundings and objects, but at the same time we will understand the difference between perspective and a narrower field of view. Limitations that robots with front cameras have to deal with. Sometimes it is also not easy to distinguish a thinner cable or magazine lying on the floor from a floor covering or carpet. Why did we mention this? To understand the difficulty of the task facing the robot and help it. When the Roomba j7 detects something unknown in front of it, it captures it with a camera and avoids it, then asks what to do after the session is over.

He asks you to help him

In the app we see an image of an unknown object to suggest to the bot how to behave. Let him record it on the floor plan, as always. He expects to see him somewhere else where he is carelessly shunned. Isn’t there anything in the picture that could harm him, so he might overlook it the next time. This helps the robot to gradually learn, become smarter, and absorb more efficiently. But iRobot has taken it a step further. To further highlight these capabilities, they’ve also designed a guarantee called POOP (Pet Owner’s Official Promise). The meaning of the warranty is that they believe so much in the object recognition process that within one year of purchase they are guaranteed to replace the robot, if it fails and to take out a pet’s poop.

Security and privacy are taken care of

They will be able to constantly upgrade their ability to automatically recognize objects, but only when iRobot is satisfied that the robot is able to recognize the object in different states. For example, it is very difficult to recognize the white earplug of wireless headphones on a white carpet or the black cable on a simple cable with a striped pattern. Because the Roomba j7 robot has a camera for visible light, security, and above all, privacy issues arise. The last thing we want is for a robot to spy on us. Of course, there is no need to be afraid of such a thing, since things are recognized on the device. The bot does not send images of the object to the Internet. The recognition ability may be a little higher, but at the same time it can be a huge threat to the user’s privacy.

Even uploading images sent by apps is completely secure due to on-the-go encryption. Confirmed by TÜV certification, it is one of the best possible data protection. In this particular case, it is true that even if he is reluctant to access the data, it is in an unreadable form and does not help him. If you may not know. TÜV stands for Technical Monitoring Association (originally Techischer Überwachungsverein), and today the certification indicates that some products have been tested for safety and meet the requirements of strict German law on equipment and product safety.

Computer vision isn’t absolute yet, and it would be silly to expect a robot to fully recognize objects. But what he already knows is far from bad. But the point lies elsewhere. The front camera is a requirement for recognition, while software algorithms are improving year by year. This is the essence of machine learning or artificial intelligence, of which the robot is proud and even the greatest feature.

How good is sucking?

Good mobility and effective obstacle avoidance are a prerequisite for optimal suction, which means that both properties are increasingly interconnected. If the management is inappropriate, nothing helps the wonderful garbage collection mechanism. Of course, the opposite is also true. As a result, the Roomba j7 robot does not lag behind the best modern vacuum cleaners in other features. Among other things, it features a system of two counter-rotating rubber brushes, relies on the touch sensor to move as close to the edges as possible, and knows how to design and store floor plans that can be arranged as desired.

Roomba j7 is an ideal robot for pet owners, but also for families with young children, as they have more opportunities to put a forgotten toy or cable to charge a mobile device on the floor. For modern needs, the roomba j7 + self-cleaning docking station is almost necessary, as we want the robot to suck as often as possible, preferably when there is no one at home and we do not have time to empty containers often. .

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