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Huawei will use its software and hardware ecosystem to design solutions that serve the needs of employees in government organizations and companies, as well as the needs of individual users.

CEO of Huawei Consumer BG and Huawei Intelligent Automotive Solution BU, Richard Yu, Announced its support for office environment solutions that work seamlessly with a wide range of smart devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets, monitors and wearables. It will cover key areas such as public administration, education, manufacturing, transportation, finance and energy.

Business-focused comprehensive products

As entrepreneurial demands and market conditions change, the need for flexibility has never been greater. So smart equipment and functions are beginning to replace traditional office solutions. The desire for increasingly impressive performance and cost control is slowly giving way to versatility and user experience. At Huawei Consumer BG, office and business solutions will be enriched with smart and innovative capabilities, and they intend to take advantage of the success in hardware and services for end users as a starting point. The advertised devices will still meet the requirements in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness, but at the same time offer a better and smarter user experience, thus becoming the foundation of digital transformation.

As a new enterprise solutions provider, Huawei brings a vision and design that promise revolution. The company believes that we are entering a period of dominance of business cloud services and the use of artificial intelligence. They are convinced that they can leverage the knowledge and experience gained in the field of smart devices for end users and create new innovations and values ​​with the aim of creating high quality, smart and reliable platforms for users in general and large management. Comp. At the heart of this, of course, will be commercial families of devices, including MateBook B laptops, MateStation B desktops, B displays, MatePad C tablets, printers and wearables.

Strict standards, data security and multi-level safeguards

Huawei will provide product quality, data security, and support throughout its lifecycle to meet the stringent needs of business users.

Equipment intended for commercial use will undergo a series of stringent quality assurance tests. For example, commercial desktop computers should be tested in an environment with harmful concentrations in air, including high acidity, resistance to vibration, low air pressure, low and high temperatures, shock, mold, direct sunlight, and desert sand. Only selected materials are used, while the hardware design follows the goal of reliability and security.

Huawei will also provide multi-layered security measures aimed at comprehensive data protection. This principle is strictly followed “Do not access, track or leak data” As a condition of ensuring the privacy of users. Accordingly, the permissions we grant to apps have been reclassified and the ways to manage them have been improved. Sensitive permissions associated with personal information such as call history, outgoing and incoming messages, or device data are revoked, while strictly controlled gallery access permissions are granted to each individual photo. Huawei has also adapted a multi-screen collaboration solution, which allows for additional file filtering and better control over sharing.

Business solutions are not just a way to improve productivity. They are the backbone of the business system and the foundation for the digitization of the economy and infrastructure that will enrich our lives. principles Quality, intelligence and reliabilityWhich is at the heart of Huawei’s business offerings, will ensure, among other things, that any office is smart.

Connected device ecosystem

Today, smartphones are often at the heart of the smart ecosystem. In this area, Huawei has recently significantly enhanced its offer with Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei P50 Pocket. They are joined by other smart devices that make everyday life easier. The first is the new Huawei 9 SE, Huawei new 9 and Huawei new 8i, followed by the Watch GT 3 smartwatch, the MateView and MateView GT displays, the more beautiful and innovative FreeBuds lipstick and the Huawei Watch GT smartwatch.

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