Mini HDMI Game Stick…

Xbox Cloud Gaming was initially only available to users of Windows PC and Apple iOS mobile devices. This has recently become available to Xbox game console users, specifically Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One. The new version is currently only available to select users of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service in select countries. Gradually, exciting Xbox Cloud games will be available to all Xbox console users around the world.

The future of Xbox Cloud gaming is expected to be very interesting, at least according to Microsoft’s plans. As part of the Xbox Game Pass innovation show, Microsoft engineers announced the arrival of a special mini HDMI switch. This will actually allow you to play cloud console games directly on your home TV. We will be able to use both the gamepad and the peripherals of the computer. This will be the same concept as the Google Stadium game console. The novelty could even be incorporated into Samsung Smart TVs starting next summer.

Of course, accessing the Xbox Cloud Gaming service will require a Microsoft user account and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service. There are currently over 100 different games available. The main advantage of the Xbox Cloud Gaming service is that the games do not need to be installed, but they can be played instantly in the so-called streaming mode. In addition, games can also be played using a computer mouse and a computer keyboard.

As it turns out, Xbox Cloud Gaming will get better soon. Microsoft announced that it has created a dedicated team of developers to develop cloud games. These will take care of developing games that will be exclusively designed to be played in the cloud. In addition, these games are exclusively for the Xbox gaming platform. In practical terms, this also means that Microsoft will certainly take over or buy another PC game manufacturer in the near future.

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