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Befine-Pro has updated its digital Challanger sports management platform with the ability to automatically create websites for amateur and professional sports organizations and competitions.

  • There is no computer knowledge to complete a multimedia website for a sports organization or competition.
  • Automatically update online content with information about competitions, teams and competitors.
  • Get additional sponsorship and advertising revenue.

Challanger’s digital sports competition management platform simplifies communication with members, competitors, fans, sponsors and advertisers. The new feature provides automatic creation of a website and the publication of various rich content and information about competitions, results, teams and even individual competitors. The challenge increases the visibility and reach of sporting activities, making it easier for sporting event organizers to attract competitors, spectators, and thus sponsors and advertisers.

“Amateur sports organizations in particular do not have the time, knowledge and money to afford a high-quality website. With a website on the Challanger sports platform, without programming skills and at no additional cost, they are able to afford a high-quality website,” said Tina Ganjaj Usik, CEO of Befine-Pro. They get a nicely designed website that is constantly updated with their content and competition results.”

On the Challanger platform, sports organizations easily create a one-stop website through which they communicate with their stakeholders and the public, as well as websites for the individual competitions they organize. Creating a website and publishing content is easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge. The page is automatically refreshed in accordance with the entry of posts into the editing system, and in addition to texts, the display of multimedia content is also supported.

Tina Jančigaj Ausec added: “By using Challanger, a sports organization or company that organizes sports competitions simplifies the organization and management of its competitions, at the same time without making additional efforts to ensure a wider visibility on the World Wide Web.”

Competition summaries and links to individual competition sites operated by the organization on the Challenger platform are automatically displayed on the organization’s website. The data is updated at the same time according to changes in the data for competitions, participating teams or individual competitors, as well as according to the results of competitions or individual matches, entered by the organizers in the management module of the Challenge Platform.

Designed and built in Slovenia, the Challanger platform is currently the only cloud sports platform in the world that supports the entire activity of managing sports events, from the organizational processes of the various competition systems to the publication of results and reporting on competitions and promotions.

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