DPS: The All-in-One Company…

Modern business software for retail, wholesale, online ordering, electronic documentation, production, service and fieldwork. It works on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Problems with your current work program? Do you want a larger set of features and a modern, more transparent user interface? Do you write and manage documents in Word or Excel?

DPS (Datastudio Business System) provides you a solution to all the above questions.

The rapid advancement of information technology and the pace of the business environment requires the user to respond immediately to customer demand, so it is very important how quickly their orders are processed and delivered.

Regardless of the activity, DPS provides support in all business sectors.

Online sales

The epidemic has increased significantly over the past two years due to the epidemic. DPS has everything you need for a direct connection to your online store and delivery services. This enables very fast processing of a large number of online orders, from order to delivery to the customer.

Retail – POS

The modern and simple point of sale interface allows quick selling, practically without introducing new users. Use of readers, scales, POS terminal connectivity, integrated payment services, gift certificates, benefit cards, and more.

Why buy DPS?

  • Modern, simple and transparent user interface
  • Designed for the fastest possible task (saving time and money),
  • Continuous Improvement ,
  • Fast and efficient customer support.


Create work order directly from view, multiple products per work order, book materials, components, reports, work memos, case management…


Take a photo with a mobile device, print receipt papers, reservations and order materials, invoices, ship serviced products directly to a delivery service, manage status…

Mobile phone use

Nowadays, the use of mobile devices is a constant. Field sales, merchandise delivery, shipment signature recording, operations review, service, shipment processing, inventories and merchandise acceptance. All this and more can be accomplished with just a mobile unit.

data exchange

Accounting, electronic documentation, intrastat, packaging waste, delivery services and REST data exchange allow you to use integrated solutions and communicate with other systems.

development and support

DPS grows with the needs of the market and the desires of the users. If the feature is not already there, it will be added in subsequent software updates.

The company understands that the customer comes first, so it provides fast and efficient support. In this way, customers are guaranteed instant troubleshooting and a smooth working process.

You can also join the many satisfied users of DPS! Visit www.datastudio.si for more information.

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