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Travel assignments are subject to various regulations, laws and regulations. All companies that include business trips in their business are required to issue a travel order for them.

A travel order is an accounting document that enables the monitoring and proof of business trips of employees and proves justification for reimbursement of expenses incurred during the business trip.

The SRS (Slovenian Accounting Standards) defines the form and content of execution orders and accounting documents, which also include travel orders and travel cost data. Thus, the travel order is one of the tasks to be performed, and the travel expense account is an accounting document.

The issuance and execution of travel orders is often associated with unnecessary work and exposes employees to hard and time-consuming work. However, a travel order and accompanying documents is a very important document that can affect taxes for both individuals and businesses as it is legally required.

What could be the consequences of unregulated travel orders?

  • additional income tax,
  • additional social security contributions,
  • interest on late payments,
  • Misdemeanors and penalties
  • Additional corporate income tax.

When is it necessary to issue a work order?

A travel order for a business trip is issued in writing prior to the planned trip, and must be signed by the director or authorized person. Exceptionally, a business trip can also be ordered verbally or by phone, but in such a case a travel order is issued No later than two days after departure Beneficiary of a business trip.

What information do you need to fill out your travel application?

One of the most important elements of a travel order is information about the purpose of the trip. Here you can write whether it is a visit to a business partner, an exhibition, an event, a meeting with suppliers, etc.

Be careful and meticulous when determining the purpose of the trip, as not only will it be enough to record the “business trip”, but the inspectors will ask for a more detailed description, for example “Business route – visit dd datalab, sign contract”.

In addition to the above Exact reason and purpose The serial number of the travel order issued, the date of issue, the exact data of the person making the business trip, his place of work and address, the date of travel with the start time of the trip and the place of travel, a brief description of the task and work duration of the trip, consent to the use of transportation paid by the payer, the amount of daily subsistence allowance And any special allowances.

If an advance was paid for a business trip, then its amount must be recorded in the travel order.

The duly completed travel order must be signed by the authorized official (manager or authorized person).

How are travel expenses calculated?

Article 130 of the Labor Relations Act states that the employer must, among other things, reimburse the employee for the expenses incurred in the performance of certain works and tasks on a business trip.

When is a statement of travel expenses required?

After returning from a business trip, the travel statement should be completed as soon as possible (in writing or electronically) and submitted to your supervisor or accountant. It is recommended to specify the deadline for sending the invoice in the internal rules for business travel. Pursuant to the provisions of Article 20 of the Decree on reimbursement of expenses for business trips abroad, a statement of the costs incurred on a business trip abroad must be submitted to the President on the day following the end of the business trip and no later than 7 days after the end of the trip. The President is obligated to submit complete documentation and any remaining funds to the Accounting Department within 7 days of receipt of invoices.

PANTHEON Web Light – Set up and place travel orders online

The PANTHEON Web Light online software enables quick and easy entry of a travel order, even via a mobile phone. It contains all the necessary information required by law, and allows you to easily enter the travel order. With online travel orders, you will simplify the process of entering, billing, printing and analyzing business trips.

PANTHEON Web Light enables:

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