Iskratel’s new domestic crossings …

The Iskratel Innbox G92 and Innbox E92’s new home gateways provide an unbeatable Wi-Fi 6 experience. Two more, Innbox G94 and Innbox E94, will follow in June.

Iskratel has announced that its two latest home gateways have been successfully tested by several operators striving to provide a Wi-Fi 6 experience. This includes the Innbox G92 home gateway, which Zeop has tested and successfully tested at La Réunion.

The recent acquisitions of the Iskratel Innbox G92 and Innbox E92 Consumer Equipment Portfolio (CPE) acquisitions represent the latest Wi-Fi 6 remote connectivity solutions. Each of them offers unique features that meet the specific requirements of customers. The Innbox G92 is a GPON home gateway with 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 networking, EasyMesh compatible Wi-Fi controller, and Integrated Fiber Optic Termination Unit (FTU) that reduces operating costs. The Innbox E92 is a home Ethernet gateway and although it is functionally identical to the Innbox G92, it has Gigabit Ethernet (GE) network connectivity, making it ideal for setting up an XGS-PON with two devices.

Said Wilfried Gillard, Zeop’s chief technology officer. “We are constantly striving to provide the most innovative technology and the best experience to our users, with the latest expansion bringing our customers high reliabilitySt Connectivity and better Wi-Fi 6. “

After successful testing of the Innbox G92, Zeop will begin introducing advanced home GPON transitions within a few months. To ensure a personalized user experience, Zeop will choose between the Premium Innbox G92 and Innbox G94 for its projects.

“We are pleased to introduce our new home portals that provide an unbeatable Wi-Fi 6 experience to those operators who have already tested our products,” said Mitja Golga, Director of Business Development at Dostop Business Unit at Iskratel. “Our products provide unprecedented coverage and in-home Wi-Fi speeds, while allowing operators to improve total cost of ownership,” he added.

The new line is complemented by the Innbox G94 and Innbox E94, new additions to Iskratel’s CPE wallet, providing the latest Wi-Fi 6 for the most demanding and advanced users. The Innbox G94 is a home GPON gateway with 4×4 Wi-Fi 6 technology, EasyMesh compatible Wi-Fi controller, 2.5GE LAN and built-in FTU. Innbox E94 is his own HEthernet repeat; Functionally identical, but with a 2.5 GE network connection, it is ideal on two-device XGS-PON layouts. Designed for easy integration into any layout – this new series of home gates is easy for users to understand and allows them to easily choose products according to their individual requirements.

The Innbox G92 and Innbox E92 are already available, and the Innbox G94 and Innbox E94 will follow in June of this year.

All four new domestic crossings will be presented at the FTTH Conference in Vienna from 23-25 ​​May 2022. Iskratel experts will be available at the event to answer all new customer questions. In the meantime, you can find additional information and other interesting details on the Iskratel website.

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