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The changes we have undergone in recent years are so numerous that we would rather make a list of things that have not changed than of those that have. We humans find it difficult to face the fact that nothing will ever be the way it was before. We still sue after times when situations were predictable, relatively certain, simple and unambiguous, when companies were able to prepare long-term strategies or. They were able to respond slowly and cautiously to changes in the market. Today we are witnessing straight
reverse mode.

In a period of constant change, instability and uncertainty, managers and employees need new knowledge and skills. Working conditions and available information are constantly changing, as a result of which work environments are perceived as unpredictable and unstable. Technology is developing faster and faster, so most people find it very difficult to keep up with developments. Such conditions evoke feelings of stress, exhaustion, dissatisfaction and anxiety in the employees. They lose their sense of security, which leads to a decline in motivation and commitment.

Feelings that fill the actors in a world of constant change:

Customers are not the first. The first are the employees. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of customers.

Richard Branson

In the facilitated workshops that we conducted in different work environments in the past period, the participants got acquainted with the tools and methods available to managers and employees to create Psychological security at Greater employee engagement In finding and adopting new business solutions. This can be achieved through:

  • With a clear presentation and focus on it Future visionAnd
  • z Clear and effective communicationthat affects Understanding Clarify the actual situation you create red and bigger trust among all employees,
  • z agile approachthat affect the best Flexibility rapidly changing conditions and
  • with encouragement gratitudewhich increases Positive attitude All participants.

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