Galaxy V – the most technologically …

Schneider Electric’s Galaxy V Series UPSs from APC have set new technological benchmarks and standards in the industry.

It offers significant improvements in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability, and a more advanced level of reliability and repeatability, all achieved in an ultra-compact design.

The Galaxy VS UPS series starts with the modular Galaxy VS model, which covers power from 10 to 150 kVA. It is designed for high-end, small and medium-sized data centers and other business-critical applications. Next up is the Galaxy VM, available in 160 and 200 kVA packages, designed for large data centers and industrial applications.

The new Galaxy VL is also a modular design, and is available in capacities from 200 to 500 kV. It is designed for medium and large data centers and for aggregation providers and critical applications. Finally, we have Galaxy VX sizes available from 500 to 1500 kVA.

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