Samsung announced a price increase…

The coronavirus has pushed many industries to the brink of collapse. If we add to this the shortage of supply and labor, the operating costs increase exponentially. All this, however, has led many electronic component manufacturers to the point where they have been forced to raise prices. And so the prices of electronic components, on which the entire electronics industry depends, began to rise.

Unfortunately, not even the largest manufacturer of electronic components in the world, Samsung Electronics, has escaped the crisis. So it is not surprising that the recent announcement that the prices of its electronic components have increased by 15-20%. Electronic components that rely on older technologies will receive the biggest price increases. New prices for electronic components will take effect in the second half of this year or immediately after negotiations with customers are completed.

In addition to Samsung, electronic component prices have also been announced by TSMC and UMC. Its subscribers have already received notices of significant price increases. TSMC has already increased the prices of its electronic components by 20% in the past year, but it will soon rise by another 5-8%.

This is certainly not good news for consumers, as all end products that contain electronic components are likely to become more expensive as well. However, there are a lot of them, as they are found in almost all devices, including cars and household appliances.

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