Cute robot to deliver food to…

Parcel delivery robots are no longer a dream, but a reality. A year ago, they also impressed the world’s largest retailer, Amazon, which began testing such bots to deliver packages to end users. The Scout label is dedicated to parcel delivery robots, which ensure that the ordered package is delivered right in front of the apartment door. Uber Eats has recently entered this field.

Uber Eats has started using autonomous robots to deliver food in Los Angeles. From now on, users have the option to choose whether the food will be delivered by a person or a high-tech robot. These robots are manufactured by the startup Serve Robotics. These are compact, reliable and lovable. So it is not surprising that the first reactions were positive.

The delivery bots in Uber Eats operate completely autonomously most of the time. However, for better safety, in the case of more complex tasks, such as crossing the road, operators take over the remote control. When the food arrives at the destination, the user is informed of this via the app on the smartphone. With the app, users can also open the bot’s door and take over. The whole process is very quick and easy. If the project proves successful, delivery robots are sure to soon become a part of our daily lives.

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