Five minutes of charging for 160 …

Electrification of transportation has been in full swing in recent years. Of course, electric cars stand out the most. Manufacturers pay more and more attention to electric motors. More and more delivery companies swear by it. The problem is that these companies spend half of their work time recharging motor batteries. This, of course, means that the electric motors are not in use during this time, and the delivery company should have quite a few additional vehicles in stock.

At the Israeli company StoreDot, they are convinced that electric cars can be charged much faster than we do today. They demonstrated this by setting up a battery called “100in5”. Just five minutes of charging the battery provides the electric car with up to 160 kilometers of autonomy. Electricity storage density 300 watt-hours per kilogram. These batteries are expected to be ready for installation in electric vehicles by 2024.

The innovative StoreDot battery charges up to 69% of its capacity at 135 Ah, then the charging speed drops. The battery heats up to a maximum of 33.1 degrees. The new product is expected to withstand up to 1,200 charge cycles without noticeable loss of capacity, and a version with about 1,000 charging cycles for electric vehicles is available. Its retail price is expected to be similar to existing batteries.

StoreDot is convinced that by 2028 it will be able to equip batteries that will provide the electric car with up to 160 kilometers of autonomy in just three minutes of charging. In 2032, just two minutes of charging should suffice for 160 kilometers of driving. Electricity storage density will also rise to 550 watt-hours per kilogram.

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