Maneuvers in the Donetsk region and the new video evidence of the atrocities in Bucha: the main thing on the night of May 20

In the Donetsk region, the Russian occupation forces attempted to cut off the main road to Bakhmut, and the New York Times published new evidence of Russian military atrocities during the Bucha occupation of the Kyiv region. The main news was collected on the night of May 20.

Zaluzhny spoke with NATO leaders

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny participated in the meeting of the NATO Military Committee at the level of commander-in-chief. He said that the Ukrainian defenders were able to push away the strategic initiative of the enemy, inflict heavy losses and force the first goal of the war to abandon the main goal – the capture of the city of Kyiv.

Exercises in the Donetsk region

And in the Donetsk region, the Russian occupation forces tried to cut off the main road to Bakhmut, other than the Ukrainian armed forces Repel the enemy and liberate the settlementfrom which he moved.

On the front line in the Donetsk region, the bombing continues, in particular Avdiivka, Ocheretev, Marinka, Krasnohorivka, Turitsk communities. Bakhmut was wounded by six missiles, bombs and air strikes.

Atrocities in Bucha

The New York Times published new evidence of the atrocities committed by the Russian army during the occupation of Bucha in the Kyiv region – the video shows how the occupiers executed at least eight Ukrainians on March 4.

In one of the videos, the Russian army is leading nine Ukrainian prisoners. An investigation by The Times found that only 43-year-old construction worker Ivan Skiba survived – he was hit in the side and pretended to be dead, and when the occupiers left, he escaped. Read more here.

Zelensky is the most influential man of the year

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky took the first place in the rating of the most influential people in 2022 according to readers of Time magazine. In second place – Elon Musk, and in third place – Boris Johnson.

Enemy loss

And in the south of Ukraine, units of the Armed Forces during the day of May 19 destroyed 40 occupiers, another enemy ammunition depot, 2 Russian tanks, howitzers, 2 Grady, Tor and other equipment.

And in the Donbass, the Ukrainian army from the United States daily repelled 14 enemy attacks, destroyed 8 tanks, 14 combat armored units and 6 units of vehicles, and shot down an Orlan-10 drone.

Invitation to children

The occupiers opened a “children’s center” in the dilapidated building of a kindergarten in Mariupol. They plan to teach children propaganda the “Donbass alphabet”, in which there are poems with such lines as “Donbass – Russian land” and “Our family is Russia”.

The Russian occupiers also continue to forcibly integrate Ukrainian children into Russia: for this purpose, about 3.5 thousand teachers are retrained to teach according to “Russian standards”.

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