Want plenty of space for…

Cloud storage services are becoming increasingly popular among home and business users, as they don’t have to worry about infrastructure and applications, but can use the services they need right away. Mobile users are also increasingly aware of this, because they always have data at hand. All they need is a fast enough internet connection, which is available practically everywhere.

There are quite a few cloud storage providers available today, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, pCloud, Mega and many more. These services offer an almost comparable cloud file storage service, but none of them can compare to Degoo’s cloud-based storage service, which comes from Sweden and was set up about ten years ago. It offers 100 GB of free storage space for photos and files, and the space can be expanded to an incredible 500 GB by inviting friends. We will earn an extra 5GB for every friend who subscribes to Degoo.

The free version of Degoo can be used on up to five devices. However, not all options are available to subscribers of the free version. Among them, it is worth noting that in the free version, all data is stored only in one place. In addition, your ads will be shown, and your files will be encrypted so that they can be decrypted if requested by law enforcement authorities. However, it is still an interesting free service.

The monthly subscription to the Degoo cloud service is not very high. For 10 TB of space, only 9.5 euros are required to be charged recalculated per month. Of course, the cloud service is also available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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