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What should a company do when it needs additional system resources for a specific project, while requiring a high degree of flexibility and support from the provider, preferably in Slovenia?

The T-2 Cloud is a response to these challenges, offering a modern infrastructure implementation platform for mass virtualization. “The service is for various organizations, public and government administration, companies of all sizes, start-ups and start-ups, local communities… It is intended for everyone who works on a project, for example developing an application and does not intend to buy servers. It just does not pay off. They hire The necessary system resources and virtual servers are from us and they work in the cloud,” explains the operation of the new service in practice. Vladimir Smirkar, Head of IT Systems Integration at T-2. Once development is complete, they can decide to buy their own server and move everything into their environment, or let them continue to run on the T-2 Cloud.

“It’s important that with the platform we’re offering now, companies can test their services before production begins,” he says. Rok Perčič, Head of Sales for Business Users at T-2. Thus, the end users do not feel the production errors that they would encounter if the company is offering something that has directly tested the services on the existing platforms and websites. Testing on a virtual platform before starting case production is invaluable in terms of user experience. Thus, the new T-2 infrastructure platform provides customers with a fast-access, high-performance, dedicated, automated and rapidly growing data and server development environment.

They can boast that they are the first to create a cloudy solution for these purposes in the region.

It provides additional system resources in an instant

“Customers in today’s highly optimized business processes find it difficult to find test reserves, as IT departments often have their resources at maximum load. It often happens that the market simply requires a solution and the company or its IT department must provide additional capacity. Currently,” explains Perčič, adding, “Procurement of dedicated equipment, such as server equipment, is no longer easy, as the supply chain is often very slow. In this case, virtualization servers or cloud solutions such as those provided by T- 2 is an excellent solution.” Time is money and in the coming years we can expect that there will be many problems in the supply of server equipment. order, suppliers mostly do not have in stock. With additional resources rented in the cloud, businesses avoid wait times and continue to operate smoothly today, without unnecessary waiting and the financial consequences that come with when uninterrupted work is disrupted. T-2 can not only provide the resources the company needs in an instant, but also the company can upgrade them at any time and at any moment if the need arises.

Unmatched flexibility

With most providers, companies have to rent pre-set virtual servers, which are usually sold by service providers in specific packages. With the T-2 Cloud service, the customer rents a share of system resources and builds what he needs. You can think of one large virtual server or ten smaller machines. So the client assembles the server or configures arbitrarily as it wants and needs.

“As mentioned earlier, T-2 Cloud is not limited in capacity or time. You can only rent cloud resources for the duration of the project. This is a great feature of our service — flexibility, because you can order as much capacity in the cloud as you need and for as long as you need it,” says Perčič. Benjamin Kollar, Chief Information Officer, agrees: “Flexibility is very important and at the same time achieve ‘price performance’ or cost optimization. These are definitely great added values ​​for our service.” Thus, such cloud solutions are significantly more affordable and more efficient than buying and maintaining a server. “The flexibility that T-2 provides allows for cost-effectiveness. You use and pay only for what you really need,” Perčič explains the financial aspect succinctly and concisely.

Rok Perčič, Head of Business Sales for T-2

“We provide companies with a platform on which they can also build the services and services that they continue to provide to their customers. It is not necessary that they use the solutions only for themselves,” Smirkar mentions an added advantage of the service.

The complete solution is based on Red Hat Solutions, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions:

  • Red Hat® OpenStack® platform for comprehensive virtualization of system resources.
  • Red Hat Ceph® Storage solution for large and open data warehouses for modern data flows.
  • Red Hat OpenShift® platforms to ensure the implementation of a microservice and application platform for so-called containers, including modules.
  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes for cluster management.
  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes to provide security within and between clusters.

Notably, the T-2 Cloud infrastructure platform was among the finalists for the Red Hat Digital Leaders Awards 2021.

Slovenian support and server infrastructure located in Slovenia

It is important to us that customers rely on support in the Slovenian language, and all server infrastructure is located in Slovenia. “This is critical. We compete with the largest service providers in the world, but most of them don’t even know exactly where their servers are. If something goes wrong, it can be a big problem because you don’t even know where your data is. There could be another issue where the support is. It may be in India, it may be on the other side of the world or it may not be at all. In our country, everything is located in Slovenia and you can always get us, which is very important,” one of the main aspects of choosing a T-2, explains Boštjan Kirm , Head of Sales.

Vladimir Smirkar, Head of IT Systems Integration at T-2

They themselves know very well how to get the cloud

“As telecom service providers, we also need servers that take care of back office systems in addition to the services and services we provide to customers,” Smrikar explains. “This is how we faced the challenge of how to maintain, automate and deliver everything for our internal services when the need for additional system resources arose. We came to the conclusion that a solution that meets our needs can be found in the cloud virtualization platform. At the same time, we decided that We can offer the same service to our customers, in this case to companies that face similar challenges and need such solutions.”

“You are not required in any way to be a T-2 customer to use these solutions. They are intended for Slovenian and foreign companies and organizations,” explains Bercic.

Extremely high availability

“We have horizontal and vertical scalability or modularity. Horizontal is having one application on one server. If that server stops working, you can pick it up on another server. However, vertical is that the application is able to live on two servers and communicate. This way you can Increased scalability. In the event of a serious hardware failure, the application can run on other devices,” explains Kollar. Simply put, T-2 Cloud offers high availability, and even if something goes wrong with the head unit, the app will still work in the cloud.

In addition to being a cloud service provider, T-2 is also an internet provider and can offer more advanced solutions due to this combination. “We bring together all the professional staff involved in these solutions under one roof, which means we can also advise clients with advice and experience, which the T-2 really lacks,” concludes Perčič.

You can find more about these solutions at www.t-2.net/t-2-cloud. (Public relations)

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