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The 2-megawatt solar power plant supports the company’s commitment to achieving its carbon-neutral business goals for 2035.

Lexmark has begun building a large solar power plant at its headquarters in Lexington. It is expected to become operational in the spring of 2023, and is estimated to produce in the first year of operation more than 3.3 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is equivalent to reducing greenhouse gas emissions of 10 million km.

“Lexmark is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2035. Renewable energy will help us achieve this goal, and we are excited to begin construction of a 2MW solar power plant at Lexington headquarters. We also appreciate the exceptional support from the government officials who have helped us with this.” Allen WaugermanLexmark, President and CEO.

“Last year, we published the Kentucky Energy Strategy for Renewable Energy. The energy strategy, abbreviated KYE3, which stands for Energy, Environment and Economic Development, promotes economic development and focuses on business resilience and the economy. Lexmark is the company that embodies the essence of KYE3. Congratulations to him for laying the foundations solar power plant,” Kentucky Governor Jacqueline Coleman said.

Kentucky Minister of Energy and Environment Rebecca Goodman But she indicated the teamwork required to implement this project. “This project and the collaboration between the state and Lexmark Corporation is a great example of what we can achieve as a team. Lexmark deserves commendation for its efforts to take the unused portion of the property and turn it over for the positive use of the community.”

In addition to the environmental benefits, the Lexmark solar power plant project will also benefit local educational institutions. Student groups will not only see the operation of the solar power plant, but also its position in the environment. It will be a green area interspersed with walking trails, wildlife habitat, butterfly garden and pollinator flower garden. Electricity production analysis will be presented in the convention center.

“This project also demonstrates that Lexmark is a highly socially responsible company. Through volunteer work and other community investments, Lexmark employees contribute to the betterment of Lexington. Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton added that the STEM education opportunities associated with this project will benefit our students for many years to come.

Lexmark is working with Melink Solar to install the solar panels, and First Solar solar panels will be used. On the other hand, Schneider Electric assisted Lexmark in its role as a consultant in the selection of contractors and negotiations.

Lexmark and Schneider Electric are world leaders in sustainability with a large presence in Kentucky. “We are proud of the progress we’ve seen in the country – and excited to be part of Lexmark’s solar project,” said Steve Welheit, Schneider Electric’s Head of Sustainability.

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