Robust and flexible mobile phone…

Do you need the perfect combination of speed and performance in a warehouse, store or field to keep your employees running smoothly and optimally? There is a Urovo DT50 terminal.

A terminal with distinct functions for effective communication and information transfer

Urovo DT50 is one of those terminals that can actually connect to the 5G network, and has no restrictions on connecting to other networks – 4G, 3G and 2G, while the dual-band 2.4GHz / 5GHz WiFi increases data transfer speeds by 100% . Bluetooth Low Energy BT 5.1 + BLE is faster and more reliable in transmitting data. VoLTE HD voice calls provide better calling support.

High brightness screen and clear image even in sunlight

Thanks to the compact and highly sensitive screen, you will be able to operate the device with your fingers and wet gloves. In additional settings, you can also turn on the function to work in direct sunlight, which will make your screen clearer and the picture and text clearer.

Flawless reading of any barcode

Urovo DT50 has a built-in 2D scanner that can instantly read different types of barcodes – from standard barcodes to high-density barcodes, paper and screen barcodes, flawless and damaged barcodes, common and unusual barcodes such as DPM and Digimarc in Dotcode.

Designed for sustainability in a challenging environment

The DT50 has IP67 protection against water or dust intrusion. With an operating temperature range from -20 to +60 ° C, the DT50 is suitable for operation in almost any environment. With its strong mechanical design, it can withstand 1.5m multiple drops on concrete floors.

Support and service are available quickly

Even the best hardware needs software installation, battery replacement, maintenance, and the occasional repair, whether it’s under warranty or out of warranty. Info-kod offers you service and support for the Urovo brand at the branch office in Ljubljana, and they have spare parts in stock at the Info-kod group level in Zagreb.

For more information about device availability and specifications, contact Info-kod doo

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