Electricity City…

Classical methods of energy production (such as thermal power plants) are considered highly polluting, so humanity is increasingly swearing by renewable energy sources. The Dutch company Squad Mobility BV decided to prepare a very interesting electric car Solar City Car, equipped with interesting cells.

Due to its compactness, the Solar City Car is suitable for city driving and can carry up to two people at a time. Solar cells are placed to charge the battery on the roof of the car. Of course, the novelty can also be charged using a classic electrical connection. The electric Solar City Car provides up to 100 kilometers of autonomy, and the exciting cells can charge the battery for autonomy up to 20 kilometers. Although it doesn’t seem like much, it’s more than enough for city driving.

An interesting electric car from the company Solar City Car can reach speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour. In addition, it is very compact, measuring 2 meters in length, 1.2 meters in width and 1.6 meters in height. The electric Solar City Car will be available next year, and its retail price will be set at 6,250 euros. In addition, the novelty will also be available for rent in the Netherlands. You will have to deduct 100 euros per month for rent.

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