Iskratel offers labeling…

This initiative is a “missing piece of the puzzle” for a greener Europe and a reduced carbon footprint for operators.

Iskratel, committed to open and transparent communication about the energy consumption of its equipment, has begun using energy efficiency labels for all of its new broadband products. According to the company, the labels will improve credibility and comparability and allow operators to make informed decisions when choosing products that reduce environmental impact.

The labels indicate the power consumption and compatibility of the product Code of Conduct on Broadband Energy Consumption, as a percentage of the limit set by the Code. The design of the labels is similar to that used in the energy classes of household appliances – they will be legible and understandable to both operators and end users.

“In order to make environmentally responsible decisions, operators need reliable and comparable data on the energy consumption of the equipment they purchase and use,” said Matjay Bogachnik, Iskratel Strategic Research and Development Consultant. “In meeting the needs of operators, equipment retailers need to be aware of their responsibilities to reduce their carbon footprint throughout the product lifecycle.”

The Code of Conduct of the European Commission’s Joint Research Center sets electricity consumption limits for broadband equipment and defines a testing methodology. The Code of Conduct is a framework for reliable and comparable energy consumption data. As one of the signatories to the blog, Iskratel pledges that its broadband access equipment will comply with the strict energy consumption restrictions stipulated in the document and will clearly inform customers and users of its consumption.

“The introduction of the labels will provide the missing piece of the puzzle, which will help operators and end-users to correctly assess the carbon footprint resulting from the production of electricity or necessary (fossil) resources,” Bogachnik added.

At today’s three-day FTTH conference in Vienna on Wednesday 25 May, Pogačnik will call for the support of the entire industry to take a step towards a greener Europe. Iskratel experts will be present at the G24 booth, where they will provide more information about the initiative and also present the latest broadband solutions.

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