Personal finance is increasing…

Gone are the days when we used to do personal finances while visiting a bank branch, or through a personal computer screen.

Today, it is important that we can access personal accounts anywhere and at any time of the day. To make this possible and above all safe, we need a powerful smartphone like this Huawei P50 Pro!! And a banking app like NLB Klikin from our biggest bank.

Banking apps are an important part of the services that most of them expect on their smartphone. While this is important to many, confirming online purchases is just one of the features they offer. Expect complete control of personal or family finances. Among other things, insight into the current situation, history of executed financial transactions, control of payment cards, credit information, what many people are happy with, convenient payment with the help of a smartphone camera. One QR code on paper or screen is enough to make a payment. Just like it used to be an online banking service, now the mobile banking app allows you to offer almost all banking services. Visits to physical outlets are reduced to a minimum or even become unnecessary.

For comprehensive management of personal funds, NLB also offers Klikin Mobile Banking on Huawei phones. Nearly 60 percent of its customers (individuals) are already digitally converted and are online or mobile banking users. Today, Klikin is a true digital bank branch, offering almost all the services of NLB anywhere and anytime, with built-in 24/7 customer support, the ability to get quick loans and – which is something worth emphasizing – the ability to sign documents on distance.

Status Phone Safe

A smartphone is an excellent tool for securely providing banking services, since access to it is protected by a password, a PIN number or, better, by a fingerprint sensor or facial recognition. This establishes the first wear line. The operating system and mobile services affect device security and therefore user security as a framework for running applications, which is why Huawei has paid the most attention to these areas. HMS mobile services are famous for their high level of security and privacy protection, otherwise the AppGallery will not be able to find the banking applications of most global and Slovenian banks and the most important financial service providers.

It’s important to protect your phone from unauthorized entry, preferably with the Huawei P50 Pro’s fingerprint sensor right under the screen, although accessing the banking app requires re-verification of identity. It is also characterized by compliance with the latest guidelines and standards for device protection and information security. Due to the US blockade of Huawei, the latter had to reach an agreement with banks to adapt its applications to work in the environment of mobile services HMS. The merging process was by no means required, after all, the Android operating system is still in the background. Thus, the technical modifications of the application from Google to the Huawei ecosystem are straightforward and simple.

Rich collection of banking applications

Huawei AppGallery is the third largest mobile app store in the world and offers its users more than 172,000 applications. Among them are also important domestic applications for NLB, NKBM, Sparkasse, Intesa Sanpaolo, DH, Addiko and the mBills financial services application. It will help you manage cash flow while offering a variety of features such as confirming online purchases, checking account balances, paying quickly by visualizing a QR code in the payment order (pay slip), stock trading and much more. There are other similar and at the same time very useful applications, such as Revolut and Curve. Curve smartphone payment app works via the smartphone’s NFC interface with any bank or card issuer, regardless of the user’s location.

Times change and with them our habits, contactless payment using smartphones is becoming more and more widely accepted. We are relieved of the burden of finding an ATM, a major bank branch, transferring money and many payment cards. However, for optimal control of your finances, you need a powerful and reliable smartphone above all, such as Huawei P50 Pro and P50 Pocket!

Connected device ecosystem

Today, smartphones are often at the heart of the smart ecosystem. In this area, Huawei has recently significantly enhanced its offer with Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei P50 Pocket. They are joined by other smart devices that make everyday life easier. First comes the new Huawei 9 SE, the new Huawei 9, and the new Huawei 8i, followed by the Watch GT 3 series, the MateView and MateView GT screens, the beautiful and innovative FreeBuds lipstick, and the Huawei Watch GT.

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