Epson expands the print family…

Customers can now benefit from greater levels of print quality, consistency, reliability, flexibility and value for money.

Epson has expanded its family of professional digital SurePress label printers by announcing two major newcomers. The new SurePress L-6534 is equipped with additional orange ink that provides an extended color palette, high yield and print quality. The SurePress 4000 family has also received significant upgrades, with the new L-4733A/AWs featuring a new ink system and drying process improvements that increase productivity with a variety of media. SurePress UV and Aqueos inkjet printers better meet the needs of customers in the food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, as well as industrial and household products.

new SurePress L-6534VW Ink Orange The L-6534VW complements the existing L-6534VW with digital varnish and provides print speeds of up to 50m/min in applications that require high volumes of prints.

With CMYK inks, optional orange ink and standard white ink, it is possible to expand the color gamut with high transparency, so that users can more accurately reproduce the desired colors. The digital printer uses Epson’s UV LED system to control ink dispersion, achieving finer tonal gradation, clearer images and vivid colours. This takes the accuracy and consistency of printed colors to new levels, and provides customers with more customized options to suit their requirements. Using orange ink, the L-6534VW prints on a wide range of paper and film backgrounds, providing low running costs and high productivity. A touch screen interface simplifies operation, and the printer includes Epson Nozzle Check (NVT) and automatic head maintenance technologies, which ensure reduced operating losses and reduced maintenance interventions.

printer SurePress L-4733A / AW It represents a major upgrade to the 4000 family, which is known for its high level of print quality and operational reliability, and is unique in its use of water-based inks that can print on paper and film backgrounds.

With the SurePress L-4733A/AW, the AQ ink system has been further developed to provide improved wettability and offer a number of benefits, such as improved print quality and color stability. Thus printers can achieve higher productivity and reliable printing on many different substrates or media.

The SurePress L-4733A/AW uses the CMYKOG ink suite, which provides a wide color palette for excellent color accuracy and saturation, and the inclusion of white and uncoated inks increases the flexibility of the substrate. New automated maintenance features reduce downtime and improve productivity and operating reliability.

Epson produces its own inks and can control all aspects of production. The company has invested heavily in hygiene control systems and processes and applies Good Manufacturing Practices. SurePress 6000 and 4000 series inks comply with European regulations on substances prescribed for use in food packaging.

SurePress printers also support Epson Remote Diagnostics, a global service network that provides maximum performance for SurePress users.

“Epson’s SurePress range of printers has a worldwide reputation for quality and versatility,” said Trish Jones, Product Manager for SurePress in Epson Europe.

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