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There are two groups of users: those who advocate the use of phone cases, and those who shy away from ruining the look of their (sinfully) expensive smartphones.

We understand both points of view. Phone cases usually cover the phone, either the whole or just the back. Phone professionals want an unobstructed view of the entire phone, especially if the back is covered in glass, which is the biggest indicator of a phone’s value. Thus, phone cases are the biggest injustice a smartphone can inflict. However, we must not forget about the main function of covers and other types of protection for smartphones. Their priority is not aesthetics, they do not care if the edges of the phone are ugly or it will cover the entire back and front. Their job is to protect smartphones from user embarrassment, shock, collision and weather.

Personal phone cases can also allay the fears and doubts of even the biggest cell phone enthusiasts. As the name suggests, these are covers that you can customize yourself or pre-design according to a specific theme. At the same time, they do not neglect their primary function – security. Custom smartphone cases offer the same level of durability as classic phone cases.

We’ve figured out why, and now we just need to know where to find one of the largest collections of custom phone cases. There is a lot of competition in this field, but only a few offer a full service: competitive prices, fast delivery (to Slovenia) and a diverse product range. We found the etuo.si website, which meets our requirements.

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