Xiaomi and Leica Camera announced …

Xiaomi and Leica have the same ideas about display in mobile devices. Both companies want to constantly explore optical performance and photographic experience in the era of mobile photography with extreme technological breakthroughs and aesthetic efforts.

Today, Xiaomi, the world leader in consumer electronics and smart manufacturing, and Leica Camera, whose legendary reputation is based on a long tradition of excellent quality, innovative technologies and German manufacturing, officially announced a strategic collaboration in the field of mobile imaging. The first high-end smartphone, jointly developed by the two companies, will be officially unveiled in July this year.

Xiaomi was founded in 2010 and is currently the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Since its founding 12 years ago, Xiaomi has always followed the mission of “Creating beautiful products at fair prices so that everyone in the world can enjoy a better life using innovative technology.” Its smartphones and other products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. With strong support in R&D and continuous long-term investment in technology, Xiaomi has become a leader in technological innovation in consumer electronics and smart manufacturing. And also in the field of photography, based on a long-term accumulation of knowledge in lens optics, chips, algorithms, etc., as well as a deep understanding of mobile photography (including portraits, night scenes and other stills).

For over 100 years, Leica Camera has created lightweight cameras, popular with street photographers, and world-class optical lenses. With innovative optical engineering and exceptional craftsmanship, Red Dot Award-winning Leica cameras are German engineering at its best, and continue to attract new generations of photographers. Xiaomi and Leica have the same ideas about display. Both companies wish to continually explore optical performance and the photographic experience in the age of mobile photography through extreme technological breakthroughs and aesthetic endeavors.

Xiaomi is focused on creating a superior user experience, and has always hoped to explore the imaging capabilities of smartphones to the fullest. Xiaomi and Leica agree with each other’s efforts and ideas and appreciate their strength and industry. This cooperation will greatly advance Xiaomi’s supply strategy. During the collaboration, from visual design to setting aesthetic trends, the innovative technologies, product philosophies and image preferences of both parties experienced excellent synergy,” says Lee Jun, Founder, President and CEO of Xiaomi Group.

“I am honored to announce a long-term strategic partnership with Xiaomi. Leica and Xiaomi are major brands and are working in this collaborative process to give customers a new era of mobile photography. We are convinced that with our first co-developed flagship smartphone, they can be seen Pioneering progress for both companies. “We will provide consumers in mobile photography with exceptional image quality, classic Leica aesthetics, unlimited creativity and launch a new era of mobile photography,” added Matthias Harsh, CEO of Leica Camera AG.

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