Hackers break the protection again…

As the mass mining of cryptocurrency has increased with higher priced graphics cards, the demand for higher priced graphics cards has increased exponentially. This, in turn, means that their stock has practically run out in some parts of the world. Retail prices, of course, have jumped. Despite the improvement in the availability of graphics cards and the decrease in prices, graphics card manufacturers still impose restrictions that reduce the efficiency of their graphics cards in mining cryptocurrency.

Among all of them, Nvidia is especially active, having recently installed special restrictions in GeForce graphics cards of the RTX 3000 family, which reduce their efficiency in mining cryptocurrency. However, this protection has undergone quite a few updates so far, as PC enthusiasts have discovered a way around the protection. NiceHash computer enthusiasts seem to have recently managed to crack Nvidia’s latest protection, known among crypto-mining enthusiasts as LHRv3.

Notably, the PC enthusiasts in the NiceHash group partially outperformed the LHRv3 mining protection that Nvidia included in the latest 12GB GeForce RTX 3050 and GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards. While the default limit for cryptocurrency mining is set at 50 percent, computer enthusiasts have managed to move that limit to 90 percent. The graphic memory still needs to be “finished”. However, experts are convinced that PC enthusiasts’ investigation into NiceHash will not significantly affect the availability of new Nvidia graphics cards.

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