The perfect monitor for a hybrid…

When we talk about a mixed work environment, we can’t avoid working in different locations and meeting remotely. If several years ago we met almost exclusively “live”, then today I have moved in many gatherings, both daily and most importantly online meetings.

There are many applications that allow us to communicate remotely and meet online, but Microsoft Teams is the most trusted solution. It provides everything we need for modern video conferencing. And anyone who spends a lot of time working in Teams will be able to appreciate the screen as it is DELL C2722DE Conference Monitor. why? With it, you can launch the Teams app, join a meeting, and respond to notifications with the touch of a button.

27-inch (68.5 cm) IPS screen with WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440) features a built-in IR “pop-up” camera. The business screen has a brightness of 350 cd / m² and a viewing angle of 178 degrees. As it is a conference monitor, it also contains all the other equipment you need for online video conferencing, such as a high-quality microphone with noise canceling function and two 5W speakers. It is also equipped with a headphone jack and an audio input.

The world’s only certified Microsoft Teams app

The DELL C2722DE Conference Monitor is the only monitor on the market certified for Microsoft Teams and includes a dedicated app management button and an additional LED that notifies you with alerts in Microsoft Teams. The screen can also be rotated 90 degrees to portrait mode and easy to follow.

It also simplifies logging into the system as much as possible, saving time with Windows Hello face recognition, which is faster than entering a password. It is a secure login, similar to almost all modern mobile phones.

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