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Documents, whether electronic or paper, are a major component of almost every business. Managing business information, in most cases from several different sources, can be a daunting task for some companies and even an insurmountable task, especially with the emergence of cyber security threats.

If your business depends on data and therefore documents and records, then you understand the importance of proper organization of documents. This is where Document Management Systems (DMS) come into play. Simply put, a DMS is software that captures, stores, retrieves and distributes digital documents. But it can be more than just software. A DMS can and should serve as a central organizational tool for all of your business needs. It can save you time and money. It can eliminate data warehouses and help with compliance and collaboration.

But what should you pay attention to when choosing and using a document management system? In the case of a sample, we will explain to you what the DMS should cover. We chose the DocuWare document system.

Maximum security

Data loss, theft, or negligent handling is a nightmare for any company, especially the largest, where a huge amount of confidential and sensitive information is circulated about businesses, employees and partners. Document management software must ensure that documents are captured, processed, stored securely and protected from misuse or loss. There must be an allocation system to control the data available to a particular user. This protects the confidentiality of the data, as the information is only available to authorized users. The ARM system ensures that documents cannot be changed without permission and that you have insight into all changes, whether from a week ago or a year ago.

The division into “back end” and “front end” provides an extra layer of protection. This allows you to distinguish between data such as forms and reports that are available on the front end, and spreadsheets and configurations on the back end. Segmentation will eliminate errors that may occur when running updates on back-end and front-end systems at the same time.

Security also includes storing backups in one or more data centers outside a company’s physical location. DocuWare Cloud stores data in highly secure data centers in the US and Europe to prevent potential data loss in the event of a system failure or natural disaster.

DocuWare 2 . Document Management System

Easy user experience

The goal of any document system, including DocuWare, is to reduce the number of clicks required to complete a workflow. At DocuWare, they evaluate ease of use using testing teams and in-house testers. Based on the data collected, they can simplify the use and improve the program management wizard. The DocuWare team regularly evaluates the performance of the document system and seeks to reduce the time required to acquire a new feature and use common features.

End users can join the DocuWare User Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) to provide valuable information about how the system works.

DocuWare 3 . Document Management System

The ability to capture documents automatically

The effectiveness of the DMS system is evaluated in terms of its ability to capture documents, which includes automating the scanning of paper documents and importing digital documents. Capture also automates data collection. Quality capture solutions use predefined protocols to control the flow of documents and data, regardless of their format.

DocuWare uses the innovative Smart Indexing feature to capture data, which uses machine learning to identify useful information in a document and convert it into highly structured data. Smart Indexing automatically records the most important metadata from scanned documents and suggests them as index entries. At the same time, the system learns with each capture.

Web forms are another effective way to capture. DocuWare allows users to fill out and submit forms on any device. The data can then be used to start a business process or to import into other software, such as ERP or CRM.

DocuWare also has a built-in forms feature for quick processing of applications, commands, registrations, and other forms. Some users also choose to integrate HR services into their internal networks by publishing forms that allow access to benefit entries and paid vacation claims.

Workflow automation

Workflow management and automation allow you to make decisions based on captured data. DocuWare Workflow Manager automates business processes with an intuitive visual designer that defines workflow. With Workflow Manager, users can automate control and computation functions, organize linear or parallel tasks, configure conditions, set deadlines, and more.

For even more workflow planning features, DocuWare Process Planner is available to help you create and share process diagrams. This online tool is free and available to everyone.

DocuWare-1 document management system

electronic signature

More and more companies are switching to electronic document signature, which reduces paper consumption and simplifies work with confidential documents. The DocuWare Signature service ensures that documents are electronically signed by a trusted trust service provider and provides the company with maximum speed and flexibility.

You can also integrate external electronic signature services, such as ID Verification or DocuSign, which automatically transfer documents between DocuWare and the administrative service provider. The signer is notified when the documents are ready to be signed.

Advantages of electronic signature:

  • Rapid collection of signatures of all relevant persons in the company
  • Select the security level for a specific document
  • Control of all versions of signed documents
  • Audit track for compliance with national and international standards
DocuWare 4 . Document Management System

mobile capabilities

More and more workers do not want to go back to the offices. Mobile performance is no longer an optional extra, but an indispensable one. With DocuWare Mobile, users can access documents, stay engaged in workflows, and store documents in DocuWare anywhere, anytime.

scalable architecture

Software scalability is critical if you want to be able to keep up with your needs. Capacity building must take place without affecting other aspects of the company and without retraining employees. The comprehensive DMS system allows you to start with a few users at the beginning of your journey and increase the number of users over time. Key to this flexibility and scalability is the system architecture that manages access to documents through online services.

Cloud DMS systems increase scalability to a higher degree. Buy what you need for future growth. The cloud supports teams of all types and sizes. You can easily increase the amount of cloud memory and the number of user licenses as you hire more workers or as your storage needs grow.

Thus, a DMS, such as DocuWare, must provide advanced security, be easy to use and ready for the future growth of the company, and allow for easy integration into existing business systems.

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