Epson Museum opening. opportunity? 80 …

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, “Epson”) celebrates its 80th anniversary.

On this occasion, it inaugurated the Epson Museum at the company’s headquarters in Sawa, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The two-part museum, consisting of the renovated Monozukuri Museum and the new hall, will allow visitors to learn about the history of Epson and its products from the past. The historic hall is located in the original administration building, whose construction was completed in October 1945. This recently renovated historic building is open to the public from today.

Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd. was established. , the predecessor to Epson, in May 1942. Over the next eight decades, the company evolved while passing on its DNA as an innovator and manufacturer. The development of precision manufacturing techniques and precision machinery developed by Epson for watches and their application in other areas spurred the company’s growth.

The company has renovated the original administration building since its inception and reopened it as a historic hall, where visitors will be able to go back in time and experience the history and stories of products from the past. The exhibits in the Historic Hall cover the period up to the 1970s, the time when the building was already in use. From technology and skills ranging from mechanical watches to the world’s first quartz watch to the Epson-branded compact digital printer EP-101, visitors will get a retrospective of Epson’s powerful, compact and precise technologies that have been developed since its inception.

Visitors to the Epson Sawa Museum can visit both the Monozukuri Museum and the Hall.

At the same time, a website dedicated to the 80th anniversary is displayed, presenting the company’s philosophy and history since its inception:

Epson has achieved eight decades of success through the constant pursuit of innovation and challenges. The company is committed to addressing societal issues, working to achieve sustainability and enriching the community.

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