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We welcomed the arrival of the new Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro smartwatch with a great event, enriched by the iconic Pentlja fashion show and a pleasant gathering of journalists, Huawei representatives and brand ambassadors.

Since we are already too spoiled from the previous series to be surprised and come up with a new color palette, expectations were also high when the new series launched. And more than transcend.

Fashion run with Pentlja and Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro

Of course, the elegance of the new watches not only appeared on the exhibition shelves, but really came to life and appeared on the wrists of the models. They have proven to be an elegant and versatile piece of jewelry, successfully blending with all styles on offer.

In anticipation of the hottest season of the year, we were not only fans of dresses of the most vibrant shades, but this summer we have a huge number of super-fashionable and at the same time noticeable accessories. In addition to handbags, shoes, hats and necklaces, innovative accessories such as Goga bows and of course watches also stand out. We have seen that the Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro smartwatches are real examples in combination with the most elegant creations created under the tutelage of Goga Štiftar and Matjaž Plošnjak, who gave their character to summer style.

The characteristic pattern of the ribbon: pearls, bows and large flowers, fuchsia color, sequins, pleats, dots and pleats. Carefully used items that work with skill, catch the eye and make a great impression. The same can be said about the WATCH GT 3 Pro series of smartwatches. They certainly won’t leave you indifferent, but we can assure you that your eyes will be on her too.

Smart watches, in addition to rich content, are also charming with a sophisticated appearance

In his welcome speech, Liao Jia, Director General of the Adriatic Region, said:We have a challenging period behind us, as we go deeper into the business, so that we can offer the best product that everyone can be proud of and set higher standards in the smartwatch market, providing users with the best in technology and aesthetics.”

Tomaž Sobočan of the Slovenian branch of Huawei has prepared a presentation of the 46mm and smaller 43mm version of the Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro and highlights the innovations and other premium features that make the products something special. Titanium and ceramics provide maximum scratch resistance, an AMOLED display, which allows us to see the watch even in strong sunlight, and a wide range of dials found in the Huawei Health app – this is what convinces us at first glance.

The watch can also be our sports coach, doing the job of golf coach, running and even diving. One of the main improvements of the WATCH GT 3 Pro Series is its free diving in fresh and salt water up to 30 metres. On the other hand, a dual band satellite receiver ensures that the traversed path is very accurate. Exercises can be added or removed at will, so you get as personalized a list of sports activities as possible. A host of features and data logging will also delight cyclists, who will find it easier to monitor their progress using the watch.

But how is your health monitored? The eight optical elements of the heart rate sensor provide highly accurate data, and we can also measure the oxygen content in the blood, and body temperature (via skin temperature). TruSleep 2.0 technology with suggestions to improve sleep will ensure the best possible sleep. There is also a stress level gauge and accompanying soothing breathing exercises. Women will be pleased with the menstrual calendar, which will also determine the days of ovulation.

A durable battery will keep the smaller watch with you for up to 7 days and the larger version for up to 14 days you won’t be disappointed. There are also functions to answer SMS from the watch screen, take phone calls, play music on the connected wireless headphones and, except for a useful feature, launch the phone’s camera from the smart watch screen.

The Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro will come to life on two completely different wrists – and will blend in with just about everyone!

The watch promises to impress everyone – sports lovers, adrenaline enthusiasts, fashion connoisseurs, strong young women, fun gamers…. They are really enjoying exploring the GT 3 Pro series.

Kaya Solo She is one of those influencers who want to bring technology closer to a female audience. She says technology is her passion, and in her content she also touches on fashion, makeup and personal relationships. She actually tested the watch for a good week and she told us, “I fell in love with it! A huge fan of the benefits digital brings us, but at the same time a devoted fan of analog classics, I found the right combination in the GT 3 Pro!”

Gaja Prestor She performed her new single, “Slide” at an intimate concert a few days ago. Gaga started singing as a child, and music is not her only passion. “These are areas that fill me with a very special energy and evoke butterflies, but let’s not forget that almost everything is connected and intertwined with technology. In fact, I am also a huge fan of technology,” said Gaga.

Lorelei Flego Fashion is already in the bud. She’s always disguised with her impeccable elegance, but she works well in both quiet and bold styles. Although there is a lot of hustle and bustle around Laurella, she also appreciates silence. That’s when he says time stops and only then can you hear yourself. The watch will be a good companion for these moments, as you’ll quickly take Lorella into a zen state with her breathing exercises. But Lorella, of course, immediately enthusiastically indicates that the watch will be beautifully combined with both sporty and elegant styles, to see it even with an evening dress – Lorella, we look forward to all the innovative combinations that she will offer us.

Franco Bajc The predecessors of the WATCH GT 3 Pro are already well known. Sam says time is very precious to him because you can’t take it back when it’s over. Given all the sporting adventures that Franco started, the watch will have to pass tough tests, but Franco has no doubts: “Huawei smartwatches have been with me since the first model, and I enjoy testing the limits and new innovations that each new model offers. Of course, Huawei WATCH pleased me. GT 3 Pro even more by making sure that it is also suitable for diving to 30 metres, even in salt water. I can already see that I will enjoy these challenges.”

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