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Not all drinking water is of the same quality, and everyone wants the best for themselves. You can also provide high-quality drinking water in your home – by innovating Slovenian on a global scale.

The new water filtration technology does not act as a filter or absorption system, so you no longer have to change cartridges once a month or once every three months. After one year, you can easily replace it with a new attachment. Let us emphasize that the technology we are writing about does not produce third harmful products in the water.

Let’s take a closer look. Kinetic technology is an achievement of Slovenian knowledge on a global scale. In addition to water treatment2Contains many other substances, including unwanted substances and organisms, in the community J and P Ltd. They are taken differently but in a scientifically supported way. The efficiency of the process has been proven in the professional use of water treatment.

And what can kinetic technology do?

Kinetic technology is able to reduce limescale deposition, neutralize organic and inorganic impurities in the water, and improve the efficiency of water disinfection, thus reducing the number of bacteria in the water, using water flow alone, without chemicals. This technology is based on the use of hydrodynamic cavitation phenomenon, the newly innovative process of aerating water and mechanical forces to treat water in a vacuum environment. In this form of treatment, water is more accessible for precise treatment. Moreover, the company was able to package the technology in the volume of a mesh or aerator for the faucet, which also performs the function of saving water. But users want more, so they recently launched a novelty – a shower.

innovative shower

The movement team has validated its procedures and achievements in institutions and laboratories around the world. The biggest verification achievement is the feedback from users who have expressed their strong desire to improve the maintenance of personal care in the bathroom. Users want to get the beneficial effect of kinetic water on the skin of the whole body, and not only on the face and hands. A kinetic reactor hand shower does just that. In addition to its beneficial effect on the skin, it improves hydration of the body, as well as itching after a shower and dry skin can be forgotten. Kinetic technology reduces chlorine content and saves up to 60% of water.

hygiene index

Until now you always had to take this apart or take it apart if you wanted to see the drain screen on the faucet. The kinetic reactor also knows the solution to this problem. The hygiene indicator allows easy viewing or monitoring of the number of mechanical particles and dirt accumulating as the water flows onto the hygienic battery outlet grille. Do not disassemble and with the naked eye. In this way, the user has complete visibility and control when it is necessary to clean the grate on the sewage tap, for example on the tap. Irregular cleaning of the drain system may be harmful to health. Thus, the aim of the innovative product is to provide better and safer drinking water by improving the cleanliness of the drain systems on the taps.

They have been actively involved in water treatment for 5 years

The Kinetic team is a group of people who have been actively developing new technology to improve water treatment for 5 years. The company has been working in the field of drinking water for 27 years. They called their achievement kinetic reactor And I got a patent as such. The most popular product in the field of kinetic technology has been on sale for two years – the already mentioned faucet attachment, the kinetic reactor faucet.

It is already present in 15 countries with a market of 250 million, as well as in professional water treatment points, such as industry, water management, utilities, etc.

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