The long-awaited legendary game…

The developer of the popular mobile game company Outfit7 has introduced the new Mythic Legends game to Huawei smartphone users through the official AppGallery.

The all-new strategy RPG Mythic Legends offers amazing action scenes, action-packed battles for many players, and a group of heroes with incredibly powerful and rich rewards, so you won’t get bored while playing. The fact that the much-anticipated hot game has also been released on the AppGallery at the same time as it is being rolled out to other major mobile app stores shows its increasingly important role as the world’s leading platform.

The game challenges players to build an elite army of warriors and fight in the arena for the ultimate victory. It is important to choose warriors wisely and combine their fighting and magical power in the best fighting formations. The player advances all the time, unlocks more powerful heroes and powers, and gets a chance to face better opponents. With shorter times and flexible sessions, players on Huawei smartphones have the opportunity to fight real opponents at any time and stop fighting without losing the progress they have already made. As one of the most long-awaited innovations, Mythic Legends also boasts a high level of quality that exceeds established standards for industry performance. It successfully combines elements of real-time strategy (RTS), role-playing games (RPGs) and strategy games.

“Mythic Legends is unlike anything we’ve built in the company yet. Or what’s been there.” He said Xinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7. »Strategy games can be intimidating to you if you are not used to them. That’s why Mythic Legends enhances learning and offers a fun experience full of rewards and challenges. You can decide for a few short minutes of work, or you can play for hours, carefully build an army of warriors, win and progress slowly.”

“Today is an exciting time for all the mobile game lovers who have been eagerly awaiting the release of Mythic Legends,” He said Jaime GonzaloVice President of Mobile Services at Huawei. “We are delighted that the game is available to download and install on our AppGallery. Thus, Huawei phone users have the opportunity to try to amass the most powerful army the empire has ever seen, and unleash the power of monster masters, knights and wizards on their opponents. We look forward to being part of an exciting global presentation For the new game!”

Huawei’s investment in its hardware and services ecosystem has increased applications with integrated mobile services (HMS). There are already 187 thousand of them, which is a growth of 55.8% year-on-year. To date, Huawei has also registered 5.4 million registered developers. AppGallery operates in 170 countries and has 580 million monthly active users.

Mythic Legends can be found for download on the AppGallery at this link:

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